Verizon Fios home internet can be free for low-income households

Verizon Fios home internet can be free for low-income households

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The Affordable Connectivity Program offers big discounts for qualified household

What you need to know

Like many other internet service providers, Verizon has announced that it is offering deep discounts for households that qualify for ACP, the FCC's Affordable Connectivity Program. This program aims to help low-income households pay for broadband service and internet-connected devices. With Verizon's Fios Forward and ACP, its 300Mbps plan can be free for qualified customers.

To see if you qualify for ACP, visit Discounts start at $30 per month, with additional discounts for those living on tribal land.

Verizon Fios home internet can be free for low-income households

Verizon is showing a $40 discount on its plans with its 300Mbps coming in at free, the 500Mbps plan costing just $24.99 per month, and the gigabit plan costing $49.99 per month. Each plan also gets some perks, such as six months of Disney+ on the cheapest plan.

With Fios Forward, Verizon doesn't charge any additional taxes or fees. Service also comes with a gateway, so you're connected with Wi-Fi for no additional charge. Finally, no autopay is required to get these discounts, and if you sign up online, the $99 installation fee will be waived. Finally, if you've signed up with one of the best Verizon Wireless unlimited plans, you can get a $10 per month discount on your bill.

Verizon Fios has limited availability across a handful of major cities, but you still have some options if you want to get signed up with these discounts through Verizon. ACP discounts are available with Verizon 5G Home, LTE Home, HSI/DSL, mobile prepaid, and postpaid unlimited and metered plans. Fios offers the highest and most consistent speeds of all of these, so if it's available or you've been thinking about upgrading, this is a good time to do so.

It's also worth noting that many other major ISPs like T-Mobile Home Internet, AT&T, Xfinity, and more are participating in these discounts. So if Verizon isn't available in your area, it's still worth giving your ISP a call or checking for other options in your area.

Fios Forward with ACP

300Mbps with Fios Forward for free500Mbps with Fios Forward for $24.99/mo.Gigabit with Fios Forward for $49.99/mo.

If you qualify for ACP discounts and are in a Fios service area, you can order online to get the setup fee waived. There is no equipment charge and no autopay is required.

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