Fairphone 4 review

Fairphone 4 review

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If you’re looking for the most eco-friendly phone of 2021, the Fairphone 4 is far and away the best option for you - it’s the newest smartphone from Fairphone, a company that specializes in tech made from eco-friendly material sourced in sustainable ways and built in factories that treat employees well.

Fairphone 4 review

We normally see one new Fairphone device a year, and the Fairphone 4 is 2021’s entry, but it’s the first ‘new’ device from the company since theFairphone 3in 2019. We say that because 2020’sFairphone 3 Pluswas actually just an upgraded version of the 3 - and we don’t say that flippantly, as you could literally replace the parts in your 3 to turn it into a 3 Plus.

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