New Boost Mobile deal lets you try out its 5G service for just $1

New Boost Mobile deal lets you try out its 5G service for just $1

If you're in the market for a carrier change, Boost Mobile might have just the ticket for you. Its latest deal is offering you the chance to use its service for only $1. Though the deal is only for new customers, it's a stellar opportunity to give Boost Mobile a go if you haven't already.

For that price, you'll get a month of service with 5GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. Worth $25, you're saving 96% with the deal and the SIM kit and shipping are also included for free (another $15 in savings). This plan at Boost also comes with mobile hotspot access.

New Boost Mobile deal lets you try out its 5G service for just

Now's the time to give Boost Mobile a try

Boost Mobile

Try out Boost Mobile for a month for just $1. You'll get unlimited talk and text plus 5GB of 5G/4G LTE data on Boost Mobile's Expanded Data Network.

$0.99 at Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile works with most unlocked GSM phones. If you've already got one of the best iPhones on the market, you'll simply need to make sure it's running iOS 15.2 or later in order to activate the SIM when it arrives. You can get a new number or port yours over. If you decide to continue using Boost Mobile, your plan will renew at $25 per month.

Compared to other carrier deals, shopping for your phone service at Boost is a breath of fresh air. There are no annual service contracts and taxes and fees are included in the price you see on the page so there are no shady charges once you receive your final bill.

Boost Mobile was bought by Dish Wireless in 2020 following the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile. In July 2021, Boost Mobile signed a deal that would allow it to make use of AT&T's network, including 5G spectrum. Boost Mobile offers 99% nationwide coverage so it's highly likely that you live in a coverage area.

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