Nokia G50: 5G phone that does a little bit of everything

Nokia G50: 5G phone that does a little bit of everything

Nokia phones have always been about quality and durability. Its G50 is another living proof to this.

With a price point of P13,990, the Nokia G50 is a reliable buy that delivers a bit of everything.

Notice the key words ‘bit of everything’, meaning it’s decent enough to deliver what you want in a phone, but won’t blow you away like a thousand-dollar phone does.

And that is just fine, simply because most phone users like an above-average phone that is a ‘jack of all trades so to speak’—from surfing, gaming, texting and calling to taking photos that are acceptable.

The Nokia G50 boasts of four primary features that it is proud of—large display, 48MP camera, battery life and 5G.


Large display

With a 6.82-inch screen, the G50 is huge by smartphone standards, with a body that is nearly 9mm thick, 174mm tall and weighs an evenly distributed 220 grams. This is kind of a contrast from other brands that go for the slimmer types.

But make no mistake about it. Many consumers like bulky phones. They may not be able to use just one hand in its operation, but its large screen will compensate for it because many folks prefer watching videos or surfing on bigger screens. The large display produces some nice colors, good contrast and is easy on the eyes, even in dark places.


Considering its price range, the G50’s 48-megapixel main camera is a pleasant surprise as it produces bright, punchy, shareable and editable photos, that will satisfy many users. The night mode is very decent in low light situations, while videos are good with software stabilization. Selfie pictures are is nice, too. Its 5MP wide-angle and 2MP depth cameras are consistent with similar setups found on other phones, too, producing photos that make sure you and your background are nicely lit.

Nokia G50: 5G phone that does a little bit of everything

Overall, the 48MP/5MP/2MP camera combination won’t elicit the ‘wow’ factor that can be had in expensive smartphones, but they do the job and you won’t be disappointed.


If only for its massive 5,000mAh battery, then the G50 is worth it. Our unit’s juice lasted for two days of moderate usage.

If you want to extend an already good battery life, there is a super battery saver mode. However, it doesn’t have very fast charging (an hour, 45 minutes) —18W quick charge only and no wireless charging.


The Snapdragon 480 processor is a decent performer, not ultra fast but you can do gaming without any major issues.

Moving from one app to another is a breeze. Plus, it won’t get hot in your hands. Call quality is fine, with no problemswhatsover with network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connections.


Many smartphones are hopping on the 5G bandwagon, the G50 included. But in the Philippines, it is not yet a feature that you will greatly need as 5G enabled areas are still few and far in between. But a 5G phone that is sturdy and tough like the Nokia G50 is a nice assurance, in case the entire Philippines becomes a 5G country. In areas that are 5G enabled, such as BGC though, the G50 had no issues with signal reception, while call quality is nice and clear. Surfing is a blast, too.

Overall, the Nokia G50 is a good phone for the non-techie guy, and they are a lot! It is a tough phone, but not rugged.

The G50 may not have flagship specs, but the software is better than some other phones that do have more enviablehardware. Its long battery life, strong build quality, fuss-free and reliable software are a plus.

Our verdict? It’s easy to use and does a little bit of everything. And that is enough.

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