T-Mobile: Standalone 5G is helping us win enterprise share

T-Mobile: Standalone 5G is helping us win enterprise share

According to T-Mobile’s CFO, one of the company’s primary selling points among large enterprise customers is its standalone 5G network.

T-Mobile: Standalone 5G is helping us win enterprise share

“We’re the only ones with a 5G standalone core and you really need a 5G standalone core to enable a lot of these use cases that you’re hearing about network slicing, creating private networks, things like that,” T-Mobile CFO Peter Osvaldik said this week during an investor event, according to a Seeking Alpha transcript. “So, that’s why enterprises are tremendously excited to work with us because they know we have the network capabilities.”

Osvaldik added that T-Mobile is also working with its enterprise customers on new services, including private wireless networks and edge computing. However, he said, “we’re not out there every week with a press release of, here’s a trial, here’s a trial, here’s a trial. We have actual commercial – not just pilot but commercial – relationships out there with what we call 5G advanced network services.”

Broadly, T-Mobile hopes to double its share of the enterprise market, from around 10% today to 20% by 2025. Osvaldik noted that Alaska Airlines recently named T-Mobile as its sole wireless provider.

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