Telstra calls mobile tower fire in flooded Mullumbimby ‘reprehensible’

Telstra calls mobile tower fire in flooded Mullumbimby ‘reprehensible’

NSW Police are investigating whether a fire at one of Telstra’s mobile sites in the flood-hit town of Mullumbimby that shut down its mobile phone service for several thousand people was deliberately lit by anti-5G activists.

Telstra calls mobile tower fire in flooded Mullumbimby ‘reprehensible’

The area is one in which Telstra has seen some of the strongest resistance to new 5G technology in recent years and Telstra regional general manager Mike Maron said the fire appeared to be a “selfish act of vandalism”.

“There is currently no mobile coverage into Greater Mullumbimby,” he said in a statement.

“At a time like this, when communications are so crucial to flood recovery, to have our mobile site damaged and critical telecommunications taken out is reprehensible.

“We’re working closely with NSW Police on their investigation, and we have crews on site this morning to assess the damage and work out how we can bring connectivity back to Mullumbimby as quickly as possible. It could take several days to bring mobile connectivity – in some form – back to the town.”

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