Galaxy S22 Ultra's lack of the traditional Galaxy S design is not entirely bad - SamMobile

Galaxy S22 Ultra's lack of the traditional Galaxy S design is not entirely bad - SamMobile

The Galaxy Note is gone, and the Galaxy S Ultra is taking over as Samsung’s premier non-folding flagship and note-taking device all in one. And, as we’ve lamented a couple of times over the past few weeks, we’re not happy about it as far as the phone’s design is concerned.

We loved the Galaxy S21 Ultra’s spec-heavy yet curvy and balanced design, and that’s gone now that Samsung has decided to add the S Pen to the list of built-in features, which is disappointing. But recently, I think I realized what we hadn’t realized before when we wrote those articles complaining about the new boxy design, and I’m coming around to accepting the Galaxy S22 Ultra as it is.

Galaxy S22 Ultra's lack of the traditional Galaxy S design is not entirely bad - SamMobile

You’ve probably guessed what I’m talking about: That boxy shape is likely what allowed Samsung to add the S Pen into the design while keeping the big 5,000 mAh battery. This is the largest battery on a Note smartphone yet, and I think we need to praise the fact that we’re getting both the stylus experience and all-day battery life at the same time, even if that means it’s a phone with sharp corners that hurt you a little bit as you move around with it sitting in your tight jeans pocket.

Because these days, you never know what Samsung might sacrifice on its phones. I mean, look at the Galaxy S22 and S22+. Both have smaller batteries than their predecessors. And although that hasn’t hurt battery life all that much thanks to the new processors, we could have had even better battery life if Samsung had managed to keep the same battery capacities as before.

In the end, my point is that while we may not like the fact that the Ultra model has lost its Galaxy S lineage as far as its design is concerned, it’s not like we’re not getting anything good in return, and that deserves a little appreciation. The S Pen is now built-in, you have the same high-end specs as the previous Galaxy S Ultra models, and you don’t need to sacrifice battery life for these gains. It’s a sort of win-win situation, even if not everyone will see the silver lining.

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