The 10 best iPhone wallet cases

The 10 best iPhone wallet cases

Not only do wallet cases protect your phone from damage, but they also cut down on pocket bulk. The best iPhone wallet cases keep your cards and cash easily accessible and come in a variety of designs and materials to match your style and how much you like to carry. The picks below come in several sizes to fit different iPhone models, and some are even compatible with wireless charging for added convenience.

Some of the most common materials used for iPhone wallet cases are leather, faux leather, thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), and polycarbonate, and your choice depends on both durability and aesthetics. Cases made from TPU or polycarbonate are durable and often have a sleek look, while leather cases tend to have more of a traditional wallet style. Real leather is fairly durable on its own, but for extra longevity, many leather cases also have a polycarbonate core or added cushioning at the corners to protect your phone’s most vulnerable spots. Finally, faux leather is usually less expensive than real leather, but the material may crack over time.

Some cases below are compatible with wireless charging. While a wireless charger probably won’t affect the magnetic strips on your credit cards, you might want to remove your cards before charging to be on the safe side, and some cases even have detachable wallets to make that easier. Also, if your iPhone has MagSafe technology, there are phone cases that are designed to be compatible.

From snap-on to folio styles, scroll on for the best iPhone wallets — and find the right fit for you.

1. This lightweight case with 11,000+ reviews

Smartish Wallet Slayer Wallet CaseAmazon

This lightweight iPhone case has earned a 4.7-star overall rating with more than 11,000 Amazon customers weighing in for being protective and handy. It’s made from abrasion-resistant thermoplastic polyurethane and has textured sides for better grip, and also features protective cushioned corners. The wallet compartment has one slot that will keep up to three cards and bills securely in place. The iPhone 8 Plus/7 Plus case (shown above) comes in four colors and styles, including a customizable design.

One positive review: “I have had this case for months and hold my credit card and a couple of IDs all the time. They have never come out and the case has protected my phone well when dropped. The texture of the case is nice as well.”

2. A folio iPhone wallet case in faux leather

TUCCH iPhone Wallet CaseAmazon

Made from two layers of faux leather and available in 11 colors, the folio-style case shown above fits the iPhone 7/8/SE (2020) and has a magnetic clasp to protect your cards and your phone screen. It has cushioned, shockproof corners, and inside the case, there are three card slots and a pocket for bills. Plus, the case can be configured to act as a stand when you want to watch videos. The wallet case has a 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon and more than 4,000 reviews.

One positive review: “More durable than I thought it would be. I fit four cards in the card slots and one card and cash in the cash pocket and it stays closed. I have gotten several wallet cases and this has been my favorite so far.”

3. This extra-durable polycarbonate case

Vena vCommute Wallet CaseAmazon

The dual-layer polycarbonate shell of this wallet case has been tested using military-grade guidelines to be able to survive 26 drops from a height of 4 feet. The wallet portion of the case is hidden under a magnetic flap that doubles as a stand. The foldable flap is made from vegan leather and can hold up to three cards. Another winner according to more than 2,000 five-star reviews, the iPhone 11 wallet case (shown above) comes in a choice of three colors.

The 10 best iPhone wallet cases

One positive review: “I have dropped this so many times and so many different angles. My Phone is in great condition. Also the back flap has a strong magnet and holds 3-4 cards without becoming bulky. And cards don’t slip out.”

4. A MagSafe leather wallet from Apple

Apple Leather Wallet with MagSafe Amazon

Though not a case per se, this leather wallet attaches easily to any iPhone or phone case with MagSafe technology, and it’s easy to remove for wireless charging — but it won’t protect your phone on its own. It also supports Apple’s “Find My” function and will alert you to the wallet’s last location should it be separated from your phone. The smooth leather wallet is available in golden brown and sequoia green and will fit up to three cards.

One positive review: “I love this wallet. It stays attached to the phone and when you do remove it it marks the location in your find my phone app. If lost and someone connects it to their phone it will display your name and phone number. I carry my license and two cards in it.”

5. This polycarbonate case with hidden card storage

Spigen Slim Armor CSiPhone CaseAmazon

This iPhone wallet case has a polycarbonate shell and a layer of shock-absorbing polyurethane to keep your phone protected. The embedded card slot in the back of the case slides open and has enough storage for two cards. The model shown above fits the iPhone 13 and comes in two colors: black and rose gold.

One positive review: “Like the ability to keep license and cc in the compartment without having a bulky case. Case feels very sturdy. Have dropped my previous phone with a Spigen case, no damage at all.”

6. A faux leather case with a flip wallet

KIHUWEY iPhone Wallet Case Amazon

With a modified folio design, this faux leather wallet case has a magnetic closure to keep cards and bills stored away without covering up your phone’s screen. It can also be used as a phone stand. The wallet has two roomy card slots and a pocket for cash, and there are raised edges to protect the corners of your phone. The iPhone 11 case (shown above) is available in brown and black.

One positive review: “Loved the soft leather feel and the ability to carry a few credit cards with my phone. Great phone protector, too.”

7. This slim, minimalist case

SUTENI iPhone Wallet CaseAmazon

While the frame of this case wallet is made from polyurethane for shock absorption, it also has a textured faux leather layer that’s available in gray and red for style. The wallet is a flexible slot with an elastic band that can fit up to three cards. The iPhone 11 Pro case is shown above, and the case comes in other sizes and colors, too. Plus, it’s compatible with wireless charging.

One positive review: “I have used card cases for years and this one is the most durable and flexible. I carry one credit card and one ID card in the phone at all times. When I travel, there is still room for a room key thanks to the elastic band.”

8. A tough case with a detachable wallet

Ghostek Exec Magnetic Wallet iPhone CaseAmazon

The detachable, slide-out leather wallet of this iPhone case allows for wireless charging without the chance of damaging cards. The case is made from scratch-resistant polycarbonate and is designed to be able to withstand drops from a height of up to 8 feet. The card slot can accommodate four cards and can also be used as a kickstand, and the case is compatible with magnetic mounts. This case comes in three colors: black, gray, and pink.

One positive review: “I wanted a case with a wallet, but I also wanted to be able to charge wirelessly and put a magnet on the back for my car mount. This case made it all possible. The lock-in wallet back is sturdy but not difficult to slide off, wireless charging works perfectly.”

9. An iPhone case with an ID card holder

ONETOP Case with Card HolderAmazon

With a concealed wallet on the back, this iPhone case keeps your cards, cash, and ID secure without obstructing the phone screen. The faux leather case has a shockproof design and can also be used as a phone stand. The iPhone 7/8 case (shown above) comes in six colors and has garnered more than 7,000 five-star ratings.

One positive review: “Looks and feels nice and fits three cards. Has magnetic buttons at top and bottom that hold the flap closed. Cards are held in tight enough but not too difficult to get out. Great case and saves pocket space by letting me leave the wallet at home.”

10. This MagSafe clear case and wallet combo

Kiket Magnetic Case + MagSafe WalletAmazon

This transparent MagSafe-compatible case comes with a detachable leather wallet so you can protect cards while charging wirelessly. The sleek, magnetic wallet has a slot for three cards and comes in 11 colors. Meanwhile, the case itself has shock-absorbing corners and can withstand drops from about 5 feet.

One positive review: “The magnetic strength of the case and wallet are perfect enough to keep it firmly attached, and still not have to struggle to remove. I can also still use my charge disc without having to remove the case.”

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