Verizon Permanently Extends Return Period To 30 Days

Verizon Permanently Extends Return Period To 30 Days

If you are planning to get a new phone from Verizon, you’ll be pleased to learn that the carrier now offers a 30 days return period should you decide it’s not the phone for you. The company recently updated its return and exchange policy for both devices and accessories. According to the new policy, customers now have a full month to return their disappointing purchase and get a refund or a replacement, as applicable. That period earlier used to be just 14 days.

Keep in mind that Verizon doesn’t return your phone free of cost. A restocking fee of $50 applies to all returns or exchanges of wireless devices (except for buyers in Hawaii). The company earlier charged $35 as the restocking fee but it increased the fee to $50 a few years back. Accessory returns or exchanges are free of cost, though shipping charges may apply.

Verizon Permanently Extends Return Period To 30 Days

Verizon now offers a 30 days return period for both devices and accessories

Phone purchases aren’t always accurate. There’s always a possibility that you would mess up your next phone purchase. You could look at the spec sheet of a new phone and, impressed by it, go and grab the device. However, it may not deliver the day-to-day experience you hoped for.


To help the customers in such situations, almost all companies offer return policies but most of them cap the return period at about two weeks maximum. So by the time you realize that this isn’t the phone for you, the return window may have already expired. You now either have to live with the phone or resell it on some third-party platforms for a lesser amount.

Verizon now wants to better help its customers in such situations with an extended return period of 30 days. If you remember, the company used to temporarily extend return periods during the holidays in the past. However, the latest change is permanent and already applicable for new devices and accessories purchased through its website.

As always, you must return all the items, including the device, charger, battery, instructions manual, and any other components shipped inside the box, in the original box, along with the original receipt. Also, make sure you are returning the item within 30 days of purchase. Items returned after that period will not be entertained and you will not receive a refund for them. Verizon will not even bother sending the item back to you. You can find more details about Verizon’s updated return policy here.

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