www.androidpolice.com Samsung's One UI 4.1 update is coming to Galaxy S, Fold and A-series devices

www.androidpolice.com Samsung's One UI 4.1 update is coming to Galaxy S, Fold and A-series devices

Google Duo Live Sharing, Grammarly integration in Samsung Keyboard, and more

Samsung was quick to start releasing the Android 12-based One UI 4 update for its phones and tablets last year, beating out lots of other OEMs with their own A12 releases. The company's already followed that up in 2022 with One UI 4.1 arriving alongside the Galaxy S22 series with some minor tweaks and enhancements. Now the Korean smartphone giant is sharing plans for how this new release will come to existing mid-range and flagship Galaxy devices.

www.androidpolice.com Samsung's One UI 4.1 update is coming to Galaxy S, Fold and A-series devices

Google Duo on the Galaxy S22 features Live Sharing, allowing you to show your screen to friends and family and go through photos together, browse the internet, take notes, and more. The feature's now coming to older Galaxy phones — just keep in mind that screen sharing is only possible in selected apps, including Google Maps, Samsung Gallery, and YouTube. Additionally, Galaxy owners would be able to enjoy Duo calls in QHD resolution with up to four connected participants.


Apart from the camera features that we've already seen detailed, the update is also supposed to share some of the other imaging tweaks seen on the company's latest flagship phones. The advanced Expert RAW camera app will be coming to the Galaxy S21 Ultra first in March and then to selected other Galaxy devices. Samsung notes that the built-in Object Eraser functionality from its Gallery app is being upgraded on the Galaxy S10 and newer devices with the option to remove shadows and reflections, but that's something we've already started to see happening. The One UI 4.1 update will also improve photo sharing by automatically cropping images and screenshots to remove unwanted sections. Additionally, Quick Share improvements promise to make it easy to share multiple media files with nearby Galaxy users.

As another part of the update, the Galaxy keyboard will gain deeper Grammarly integration and offer improved suggestions, better typo detection, and more. Eligible Galaxy users can also pick up 90 days of Grammarly Premium for free.

The One UI 4.1 update will first start rolling out to the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Flip3 before making its way to the Galaxy S21 and S20 series, Z Fold, Flip, and Note devices, and selected A series phones in the coming weeks and months.

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