Joplin officer remembered for his humor and his kind heart Subscribe Now
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Joplin officer remembered for his humor and his kind heart Subscribe Now Daily News

JOPLIN, Mo. (KSNF) – Just three days after laying fallen Corporal Ben Cooper to rest, Joplin Police honor the second officer killed in last week’s shooting.

Officer Jake Reed’s service was meant to make people smile and think of the good times.

Outside, the silence following his last call was deafening, and, while the clouds wept, the tears flowed inside the Missouri Southern Leggett & Platt Athletic Center.

“Dear Jake, there is nothing to say to take away the pain of living in this world without you in it,” said Sam Reed, in a letter he wrote and read out loud to his older brother Jake.

“Jake’s mom, Emily, said earlier this week, there is nothing negative or sad about the way that he lived his life, as we spoke about Jake,” said Captain Trevor Duncan, Joplin Police Department.

Officer Reed is remembered as loving, caring, friendly, and funny.

“Jake had one of the biggest hearts of anyone I’d ever met. He was always checking on me, making sure, and he was always there for me, even when I didn’t want him to be,” said Officer Mac Roach, Joplin Police Department.

Joplin officer remembered for his humor and his kind heart Subscribe Now
Daily News

Sloan Rowland, Joplin Police Chief, added, “Of course there could be no description of Jake without talking about Jake’s sense of humor so I’d like to focus on that.”

Chief Rowland shared stories of how quirky Jake and his spirit truly were.

“A couple months ago I had a knee injury so I had to ride the elevator for a while and couldn’t take the stairs, and I see Jake coming down the hallway at me, and they say infectious grin he had, I say mischievous grin, because he was always grinning. He looked at me and started grinning. I said, ‘Morning.’ He said, ‘Hi.’ As he rounded the corner, he said, ‘Are you taking the elevator?” I said, ‘Yep.’ He goes, ‘Yeah, you need to save those hips at your age,'” said Chief Rowland.

“You let me watch South Park with you and laugh until our stomachs hurt. You taught me how to play video games as if I was your young protégé,” said Sam Reed.

Officer Reed’s decision to be an organ donor and save more lives was also highlighted.

“Through this act, Jake saved the lives of numerous people around the country. My fervent hope is that someday those individuals would learn of this remarkable man and honor him with a life well-lived,” said Chief Rowland.

His friends then reminded everyone to live like Jake lived.

“Don’t stop doing the things you love. Don’t stop golfing, watching football, watching baseball, or video gaming. Jake wouldn’t want that. Instead, do these things with a purpose and think of Jake while you’re doing these things,” said Detective Logan Bowline, Joplin Police Department.

Chief Rowland said, “So, today, Jake, we lift you up. We honor everything about you. We cherish you. We love the time that God gave us to spend with you and we thank Him for that.”

Jake’s Brother Sam said, “The past week has felt like a miserable movie, on in which the hero never recovers. It was and is a privilege to be your brother. To be loved by you. You have saved countless lives.”

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