10 Best Things About Uncharted (2022), According To Reddit 10 Best Things About Uncharted (2022), According To Reddit

With the release of Tom Holland's new Uncharted movie came a whole wave of mixed reactions, with plenty of fans of the franchise praising the film for its fresh and stylistic approach towards the game. Whilst others argue that the film deviates a little too much from the source material, plenty of fans believe that Holland and Wahlberg did a great job reinventing the iconic characters.

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The debate has already begun on Reddit about whether or not the film is a successful and faithful adaptation of the hit game series, but reactions overall are seeming fairly positive. Uncharted might stick to the formula that viewers all come to know and enjoy from these kinds of action movies, but it seems to be working.


The Film is an Origin Story

Reddit user thebukojoe argues that Uncharted works best if the audience understands it to be an origin story of the two central characters, Nate and Sully. The argument comes as a response to those who believe Holland and Wahlberg to be miscast, since the characters are quite different both physically and personally in the games.

The commenter also argues that if the film is well-received, fans could see a sequel in the future when Holland is a little older and perhaps more similar to the Nathan Drake that players know from the game franchise. This film is just an origin story for the character, and there are plenty of routes that a potential sequel could take.

It Follows the Game's Formula

Commenter better-nectarine-595 praises the film for its adherence to the Uncharted games' typical formula. Much like the games, the film follows an adventure for Nate and Sully across the world in search of a mysterious treasure. In comparison, the two seem strikingly similar.

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They also praise Holland's handling of Drake's signature quips, claiming that he "did good" and that "if you like the games, you'll like it". This bodes well for fans of the franchise, as they'll be able to see the locations and situations that they already love put on the big screen.

The Chemistry Between Holland and Wahlberg

Many fans of the franchise are praising the chemistry between the film's two lead actors, Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg. Reddit user connork12 argues that "the dynamic between Holland and Wahlberg was definitely the highlight of the movie." This certainly bodes well for those who still question their casting choices. 10 Best Things About Uncharted (2022), According To Reddit

This commenter also believes that Wahlberg's character was "different to most other things I've seen him in", and that it "didn't bother me" that his performance was different from the game's depiction of Sully. The two have great chemistry in the movie, and they fill Uncharted with plenty of memorable quotes.

The Danger of the Stunts

Redditor pirogo3th writes that "Nathan is basically unbreakable [with] the amount of stunts he pulls and comes back from unscathed." This certainly makes sense, as Tom Holland is one of Hollywood's biggest action stars right now, so it only seems right to give him some exciting and intense stunts in this film.

However, this user also notes that you'll have to "suspend your disbelief in how physics work" in order to enjoy the movie since a lot of the stunts would certainly never work this successfully in real life. But in a movie based on a video game, this makes complete sense.

It Outshines Other Video Game Movies

bw2999 believes that "as far as video game movies go, it was certainly the best one." This is certainly high praise for the film, even if video game movies haven't been the most critically acclaimed genre in the past.

They also note that "it didn't dissatisfy me like I thought it would", suggesting that they may already be a fan of the franchise from the games and that the film managed to live up to their expectations. Expectations are always a huge barrier to overcome with video game adaptations, so it's a big deal that Uncharted seems to be doing so.

It Doesn't Take Itself Too Seriously

Reddit user alphascout believes that the film's willingness to not take itself too seriously makes it extremely "entertaining and fun", which is pretty much everything anybody hoped for from an adaptation of Uncharted. They also note that the "action set pieces were brilliant", which is one of the game's biggest selling points.

By not taking itself seriously, the film manages to capture the same lighthearted and jovial tone that runs throughout the games, whilst still being intense and captivating when it needs to be. A lot of this comes down to Holland and Wahlberg's performances, who create two of Uncharted's most likable and fun characters.

The References to The Games

Commenter the_sown_rose believes that the film is "perfect", and puts much of this down to its references and call-backs to the game series. They write that "there are respectful nods and homages to the games whilst also allowing the film to stretch its wings a bit."

For any film that's based on beloved source material, it's important to please the long-time fans when adapting the work. So by including references and nods to the original games, the film does a great job of incorporating the history of the franchise into this particular version.

It Doesn't Copy the Game's Story

Although the film follows the same general formula and style as the games, it isn't an exact retelling of the original story. As Redditor giganotakiller_5 points out, "it’s not really an adaptation it’s really telling its own story in an amalgamation of different sequences with similar characters."

This is important to note, as plenty of video game adaptations often get too caught up in the details of their source material that they forget to create their own interesting story or characters. Uncharted avoids this pitfall, starting out with an original and refreshing idea and developing it throughout. There were plenty of fan theories about how Uncharted might play out, but the film still manages to please and surprise.

The Mid-Credit Scene

Commenter notimplosio praises the film's mid-credit scene, which takes a leaf out of the MCU's book and teases a potential sequel. It offers an important reveal that's bound to be extremely eventful if another installment comes to pass.

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Many fans believe that a sequel would definitely be worthwhile, with this commenter admitting that they were "actually surprised at how good [the film] was". A potential expansion of this universe could offer plenty of extra backstory and development for these iconic characters.

It's More Than Just an Action Movie

romarojo argues that Uncharted is much more than just an action movie, and their thoughts are pretty convincing. They write that "there's an impressive subtlety to the [film's] elements, which add up to make it feel like Uncharted and not just a generic action flick."

They go on to explain what they mean by this "impressive subtlety", referencing the use of "a kitty got wet sign in the bar [and] a naughty dog sticker on Nate's suitcase", which both reference the original game upon which the film is based. The film includes plenty of these nods, including things that only die-hard fans know about the Uncharted games.

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