The 1More ComfoBuds Mini wireless earbuds are small but mighty

The 1More ComfoBuds Mini wireless earbuds are small but mighty

The ComfoBuds Mini come in a small pebble-like charging case that looks a lot like the Google Pixel buds case, albeit smaller and rounder. The buds are ridiculously small and weigh a mere 3.7g each. They feature silicone ear tips with a choice of four sizes to choose from.

While the buds are in your ear, they don’t stick out which makes them superb for wearing in bed. I often used them at night to watch videos or just listen to music on my phone in bed. It’s rare I able to do this with other buds although there are a few expectations including the NightBuds which I reviewed last week.

Comfort is key and the combination of size and fit make them one of the most comfortable earbuds I’ve tested. They fit right into your ear and I never felt like they’d ever fall out regardless of what I was doing.


The charging case supports USB-C charging as well as Qi-wireless charging. The buds take up to 70 minutes to fully charge from flat and a quick five-minute charge should offer up to an hour of playback. The case can take up to 90 minutes to charge via the USB-C cable and offer five hours of playback with ANC and an extra hour with it off. In all, including the case, you should be good for up to 24 hours on a fully charged case and buds.

As small as they are, the ComfoBuds Mini include ANC, Bluetooth 5.2, four microphones, 7mm dynamic drivers with graphene film and a double magnetic circuit design.

1More claim up to 40dB of ANC and I did find they could block out a decent amount of ambient noise but I didn’t find them as good as the AirPods Pro or the Sennheiser Momentum 2 at first. However, after finding the best fitting ear tip, the ANC performance was greatly improved.

The transparency mode is excellent and I’d go as far as to say it’s not far behind the class-leading AirPods Pro.

The 1More ComfoBuds Mini wireless earbuds are small but mighty

A total of four listening modes are available to choose from including two ANC modes. The strongest mode offers the most active noise cancellation while a WNR (wind noise-resistant) mode helps to reduce the annoying low-frequency rumbling experienced on a windy day or while running or cycling.

The ComfoBuds Mini buds are IPX5 water-resistant so they’re sweatproof and suitable for working out.

1More companion app

The free 1More app is one of the most fully-featured I’ve used. It has unusual options such as the ability to perform a smart burn-in on the buds for you that takes 12 hours. There’s a lot of debate about whether you need to burn in headphones or not. Obviously, 1More think there’s merit in it and they even explain what burn-in is and the benefits.

The app includes ANC modes, battery levels of each bud and the case. You can also update the firmware and customise the touch controls as well as toggle on or off the smart playback feature.

SoundID is a smart algorithm by Sonarworks that tweaks the sound signature to suit your listening preference. You have to do a listening test that creates a personal sound profile. This can be taken again and again if you’re not happy with the results.

Together with four-time Grammy award-winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi the ComfoBuds Mini offer a best of both worlds approach with an expertly tuned sound profile out of the box and a user-dependent fine-tuning process assisted by SoundID.

The app also offers 30 soothing sounds to help you relax or fall asleep. There’s also a low-latency mode for gaming.


The ComfoBuds Mini sound good, especially considering how small they are. The sound signature is well-balanced and great for listening to music, movies or podcasts. It comes with lots of great features including wireless charging, ANC and one of the best companion apps I’ve used. These small but mighty buds punch way above their price. €115

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