Unlimited Gaming With High-Speed Internet

Unlimited Gaming With High-Speed Internet

Even single player games require an activeinternet connectionthese days. You might consider it annoying and unnecessary, but that's a discussion for another day. For now, all we can do is accept the reality of modern gaming. Of course, good internet is particularly important for multiplayer -stable connection and low pingcan make or break your success in multiplayer games.

For this reason, it's worth checking that you have the very best tariff for your needs. Let's be honest, there are many low-cost tariffs that are going to be appealing. But not every tariff will live up to basic requirements for gaming, and many will rope you into excessively long contracts.The best tariffs offer flexibility, and this is exactly where o2 My Home comes into play!

What Does o2 My Home Offer?

First, of course, you have to ask yourself which Internet connection you actually need. Is it DSL? Is it LTE homespot? Is it a wired connection? Is it Manuel Neuer? Uh, oops... I went a bit off-topic at the end.Well, the answer is always the same: no matter which connection you want/have to use,o2 My Home offers the right tariff for every situation.o2 has recently refined their tariffs to make them simpler for the consumer to understand. So, you can now findboth the DSL and Homespot tariffs under the umbrella of the new o2 My Home tariffs.

Unlimited Gaming With High-Speed Internet

What exactly does this change for you? Easy, the entire decision-making process is simplified for you.You no longer have to think about whether you need DSL, cable or a mobile-based DSL alternative.Here are the four packages:

o2 My Home XLo2 My Home Lo2 My Home Mo2 My Home S
Unlimited dataUnlimited dataUnlimited data100 GB data volume
Download up to 250 Mbit/sDownload up to 100 Mbit/sUpload up to 50 Mbit/sDownload up to 10 Mbit/s
Upload up to 40 Mbit/sUpload up to 40 Mbit/sUpload up to 10 Mbit/sUpload up to 2 Mbit/s
44,99€ (24,99€)34,99€ (24,99€)29,99€ (19,99€)24,99€ (14,99€)

The four different packages are offered from S to XL.Hardcore gamers, streamers or YouTubers should probably only prick up their ears from size L, because from there on, 40 Mbit/s upload is available. With the three larger flat rates, you also have unlimited data volume at your disposal - with o2 My Home S, on the other hand, only 100GB. If that's enough for you per month,you might want to go with the smallest package and save a few bucks.But for most gamers, this won't be enough.

Let's briefly come to the last line of the table and thus, to the most important thing: the price. The amount on the left is the basic fee that you have to pay every month. The amount in brackets is the reduced price for the first 12 months with a contract period of at least 24 months.

o2 My Home – DSL Or LTE Connection?

DSE or LTE? Of course, that always depends on what your requirements are, what your living environment looks like and what opportunities are available to you at your address.With LTE, for example, you have the advantage that it is incredibly quick to set up and get ready to use.With WiFi from the socket, you can surf at rapid speeds on your laptop, tablet, smartphone or any other internet-enabled device.DSL, on the other hand, is an advantage if you have heavy internet use on a daily basis. That means: many networked devices, gaming and TV streaming. And now, during the corona pandemic, it probably also means Zoom calls, so you'll want the stability of aDSL connection.

Why Choose o2 My Home As A Gamer?

Superb question. Since December 2021,tariffs with a term of 24 months can be canceled within one month.This is perfect for gamers because it allows you to test your internet, and if you still need a better connection, upgrade your tariff after only one month.There are even more great reasons to join o2, depending on your age and status:

So, all in all, what can be said about o2 My Home?We find the flexibility and ease of installation fantastic.But what we prioritize as gamers is an incredibly fast and stable connection, and this is where o2 really shine.In a comparison of mobile network operators, o2 is the test winner for 2022.So the choice is pretty obvious, do yourself a favor and check out My Home from o2.

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