AT&T's new Fusion 5G brings the heat to T-Mobile with wireless charging

AT&T's new Fusion 5G brings the heat to T-Mobile with wireless charging

ByDerrek Leelast updated

The Fusion 5G does not support mmWave 5G as previously reported. The article has been updated to reflect the new information. We apologize for the error.

What you need to know

Affordable 5G smartphones are on the rise, and AT&T has thrown itself into the mix with its latest smartphone launch. The Fusion 5G may not be the most robust offering out there, but it does come with a notable feature that's hard to beat at this price.

AT&T's new Fusion 5G brings the heat to T-Mobile with wireless charging

The Fusion 5G is unique in that it supports wireless charging. You'll be hard-pressed to find a smartphone at this price with wireless charging support, even among the best Android phones under $300. And while it's not exactly a must-have feature, it's a nice one to have for those of you that have wireless chargers lying around the house.

AT&T doesn't specify the wireless charging speed, but don't expect it to break any records. However, the carrier does mention a "quick charging battery" and an included fast-charging adapter to top up the 4750mAh battery.

Powering the phone is a MediaTek Dimensity 700, the same chipset inside T-Mobile's similarly priced REVVL V+ 5G. It also features a similar RAM and storage combination with 4GB and 64GB, respectively. However, the Fusion 5G has an edge up with a few specs beyond wireless charging support, including the 48MP primary sensor and an 8MP ultrawide camera.

Beyond that, the Fusion 5G is more or less par-for-the-course as phones go at this price point, with a 6.82-inch HD+ display, rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, and Sub-6 5G. Unfortunately, you won't find mmWave support here, as previously reported, but that's not really surprising given the price point.

The Fusion 5G will be available for purchase on Friday, January 7 for just $220.

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