Can you Take Pictures with AI?

Can you Take Pictures with AI?

"AI photo" has begun to become an important skill for HONOR mobile phone photography, through the AI photo function, even the camera white users can easily take a "large", greatly reducing the difficulty of mobile phone photography. This advantage is naturally continued in HONOR's latest flagship product, HONOR 10 - AI 2.0 technology, and in this blog post, we will discuss the AI photography method of HONOR 10

Can you Take Pictures with AI?


The HONOR 10's AI photo Method


Hardware Parameter

The HONOR 10 rear is equipped with 16 million color and 24 million black and white pixels, dual F1.8 large aperture, support for dual-core autofocus, and 4K video recording. The front 24-megapixel camera supports the pixel aggregation function. The hardware configuration of the HONOR 10 camera is indeed strong enough, but the biggest highlight of the HONOR 10 camera is not the camera configuration, but the "AI photo" - can automatically identify the photo scene, according to the HONOR official claim, the HONOR 10 camera can identify 22 categories of labels 500+ kinds of scenes. After recognizing the scene, HONOR 10 can automatically give different photo strategies according to different scenes, so as to take a "fool" photo.


Lens Design

The rear lens of the HONOR 10 is horizontal and dual, and the colorful rear case also makes the HONOR 10 mobile phone very recognizable. It is worth noting that in order to accommodate the camera module, the rear dual camera of the HONOR 10 is slightly protruding, but due to the small amplitude of the protruding when the HONOR 10 is flat on the table, there is no obvious sense of shaking.


Operating Interface

The HONOR 10 camera interface reveals the results of the manufacturer's consideration for consumers - the road is simple, the top is the camera function button, and the icon is vivid and easy to understand. Tap the text at the bottom of the viewfinder to quickly switch between photo modes. At the bottom are buttons to take and view photos.


AI Photo Capability

AI photography, HONOR 10 can be adjusted according to different photo subjects' targeted parameters, which can make the sky bluer, and more delicious food. Even a newbie, who doesn't know anything about taking photos, can just pick up the HONOR 10 and take great photos. In other words, when using HONOR 10 to take photos, we forget the parameters and directly "take" the desired photos.

Can you Take Pictures with AI?


Portrait Photography

Relying on AI to take photos, Rong Yao 10 will also intelligently identify people when shooting portraits, and adjust the parameters of taking photos according to the scene intelligently. Judging from the portrait sample taken by HONOR 10, the overall look and feel of the photo are excellent, and the faces of the characters will be targeted to brighten, and there will be no problem with too dark faces. Thanks to the dual-camera hardware, HONOR 10's virtual ability is also very good, which can accurately separate the character's hair and background.



In terms of selfie beauty, the photos taken by HONOR 10 do not have the cheap smearing sense of ordinary mobile phones, but carry out targeted beauty on the basis of ensuring the skin texture, and then adjusting the AI function, making the selfie of HONOR 10 full of human feelings, so that the beauty has its own characteristics.



The path taken by the HONOR 10 in taking photos is indeed a way ahead of the road because the size of the phone is small and fixed, so it is still more difficult than professional cameras. However, HONOR 10 has a new way to open up a new road for mobile phone photography - AI photography, so that consumers forget parameters, and click the shutter can take high-quality photos.

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