Running Precautions: What Should We Pay Attention to When Running?

Running Precautions: What Should We Pay Attention to When Running?

Running is a kind of aerobic exercise, which can improve metabolism, reduce body fat rate, enhance cardiopulmonary function, dissipate negative emotions, shape the body, enhance immunity, and other benefits. Running is simple and easy, but there are also some places that need attention, otherwise, it will bring damage to the body, in this blog, we will discuss what are the precautions for running.

Running Precautions: What Should We Pay Attention to When Running?

Several Tips for Running Lovers when They’re Running


Good Time to Run

About the time of running, some people like to exercise in the evening, some people like to exercise in the morning, in fact, for the vast majority of people with normal physiques, as long as avoid half an hour before meals, one hour after meals and two hours before bed, any other time can be physical exercise.


Preparation before Running

Some preparatory activities should be done before running so that the body's various system functions can enter a state of excitement more quickly. Generally, you can do the following preparatory activities: (1) Stand, hands akimbo, alternate ankle joint activity; (2) Half squat, two hands on the knee to move the knee; (3) the legs alternately raise the legs and move the hip joint; (4) hands akimbo waist rotation, waist activity; (5) One hand support, kick back and forth, move the hip and knee; (6) Forward and backward lunge leg press; Press leg left and right, pull leg ligaments; (7) front and back bending of the upper body and slight movement of the upper limbs.


Precautions when Running

First, don’t look down, look up, and look forward when you’re running so that it will not cause damage to the cervical spine. Then, while running, relax your hands naturally, don't clench your fists too tightly, or spread your hands out with your palms facing inward. In addition, the foot should be light, "foot" too heavy will increase the bone burden; When the foot lands, the knee joint should be slightly bent. In the breathing mode, nasal exhalation, oral, and nasal combined inhalation is the best. More importantly, at the beginning of long-distance running, because the oxygen supply lags behind the activity needs of the muscles, there will be leg sinking, chest tightness, asthma, and other phenomena, especially people who often do not exercise will feel heavier, but this is normal. If you feel uncomfortable, you should stop and walk a few hundred meters, taking a combination of running and walking.


Precautions after Running

First of all, don't stop to rest immediately after running. After running, the whole body of the human body is active, and all parts of the body should slowly relax, it is recommended to walk a few hundred meters after running, completely relax the whole body, and then do some waist, abdomen, legs, and arms activities. Second, after running, be sure to stretch the leg ligaments, there are many ways to stretch the leg ligaments, you can straighten your legs, bend down to reach your toes with your hands, you can also push your feet against the steps, lean forward, or lunge. Third, pay attention to keeping warm when running, and after running, do not lose a lot of clothes because of sweating, leading to colds and so on. Fourth, timely hydration. Rest for 5-10 minutes before drinking lightly salted water or warm water, but do not drink cold water or frozen drinks.


Other Things that Should be Noted

In addition to their own running needs to pay attention to movement, and breathing, we also want to add a little security: if necessary, you can wear sports watches to monitor the body data, it’s unnecessary to buy professional sports watches expressly if you just a non-professional, many brands have launched a comprehensive mobile phone, which can meet the needs of people's daily life for watches. Like huawei gt4, it can connect with mobile phones to obtain body data and ensure body safety. Therefore, when running, you can bring, heart rate monitoring, and record sports data, which is very suitable for running.

Running Precautions: What Should We Pay Attention to When Running?



Running is good for the body, can reduce fat, improve sleep quality, strengthen immunity, and enhance physical resilience. But at the same time, also pay attention to safety, because there are many runners in the run ligament strain, sprain the foot, warm up before running, as well as monitor the body data, and improve the running posture, it is necessary. I hope running can make your body better and better! Thanks for reading!

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