Taiwan has best 5G video streaming in Asia-Pacific: report

Taiwan has best 5G video streaming in Asia-Pacific: report

Taipei, March 17 (CNA) Taiwan has been ranked first among 10 Asia-Pacific countries for 5G mobile video streaming, in a report released Thursday by the global independent mobile analytics company Opensignal.

Taiwan topped the table for 5G video experience, scoring 83 on a 100-point scale, followed by New Zealand and Singapore with 81.3 and 81.1 points, respectively.

Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, and the Philippines were placed fourth to 10th.

"Despite its lead on 5G speeds, South Korea is in the middle of the table indicating that mobile video streaming depends on more than speed alone for users to enjoy a high quality experience," the Opensignal report said.

Taiwan has best 5G video streaming in Asia-Pacific: report

Currently, South Korea tops the chart for all three measures of speed, with users in the country able to enjoy average 5G download speeds of 438 megabits per second (Mbps), 36.1 Mbps for 5G upload, and 866.9 Mbps for 5G peak downloads.

Taiwan ranked second in all three respective fields, with an average 263.1 Mbps for download speed, 30 Mbps for upload, and 614 Mbps for peak downloads.

Opensignal also ranked the 10 Asia Pacific countries in improvements in download speed between 5G and 4G. Taiwan finished third in this category, with a 5G download speed 7.2 times faster than the 4G download speed.

The only countries that showed bigger improvements were the Philippines and Thailand.

The results were released Thursday in an Opensignal report entitled "Benchmarking the 5G Experience -- Asia Pacific." The survey examined real-world 5G experiences among users of mobile operators in 10 countries from Nov. 1 last year to Jan. 29, 2022.

(By Jiang Ming-yan and Ko Lin)


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