TMYTEK Unveils the World's First 5G Millimeter Wave Developer Kit for Academics and R&D

TMYTEK Unveils the World's First 5G Millimeter Wave Developer Kit for Academics and R&D

The use case of Lunghwa University of Science and Technology in Taiwan saw the implementation of this developer kit into their courseware to teach engineering students the principles of beamforming. This comprehensive package includes signal source, array antenna, beamformer, amplifier, power detector, and RF cables that allows engineering students to set up a 5G communication system and observe beamforming results on instruments, conduct creative and innovative research on antenna designs and protocol validations. In addition, the developer kit and Lab Cookbook from TMYTEK can reduce a professors' time and effort in course preparation.

The intuitive software GUI TMXLAB Kit (TLK) connects to the TMYTEK's BBoard via the LAN port to control the phase and amplitude of each RF port to form the beams. An API is included and it is compatible with LabVIEW, Matlab, Python, C#, C++, and other programming languages.

TMYTEK created a versatile 5G mmWave courseware and Lab Cookbook to teach the principles behind beamforming and experiments to help students understand the propagation property of millimeter-wave signals. The courseware introduces the link budget in the form of array antenna, adjustment, and measurement of each RF channel gain, constructive vs destructive interference, beamforming, and beam steering.

 TMYTEK Unveils the World's First 5G Millimeter Wave Developer Kit for Academics and R&D

Moreover, the detachable antenna design of the developer kit offers excellent antenna swap-in flexibility for array antenna verification. This developer kit also allows antenna designers, system integrators, and algorithm developers to complete beamforming and conduct different testing angles for various mmWave deployment scenarios.

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