www.makeuseof.com Galaxy A53 5G vs. Galaxy A52 5G: What's the Difference?

www.makeuseof.com Galaxy A53 5G vs. Galaxy A52 5G: What's the Difference?

Samsung's Galaxy A series is hugely popular. So how does the new Galaxy A53 compare to the previous generation, the A52?

The Galaxy A series has long been Samsung's highest-selling smartphone series, so much so that it accounted for more than half of the company's total smartphone sales in 2021. In 2022, Samsung has returned with a new addition to its Galaxy A series with the Galaxy A53 5G.

In this article, we'll go through the five key differences between the Galaxy A53 5G and its predecessor the Galaxy A52 5G to help you make a better buying decision. Let's dive in.

1. Cheaper Price

The Galaxy A53 5G starts at $449 while the Galaxy A52 5G starts at $499. However, you can't buy the latter even if you want to because it's out of stock almost everywhere; Samsung couldn't make enough units of the Galaxy A52 due to the global chip shortage.

Because of this, many eager buyers couldn't get the A52. So, it's likely that the A53 will be the obvious choice for those who waited, and the cheaper price only makes things better!

2. 5000mAh Battery, but No Charger in the Box

The Galaxy A53 comes with a 5000mAh cell which Samsung claims can last for two full days of use; but if you're a power user or gamer, you're obviously not going to get the same result. In comparison, the A52 has a smaller 4500mAh cell. Although this is not a huge difference, it's enough that you won't have to charge your phone as often as before.

www.makeuseof.com Galaxy A53 5G vs. Galaxy A52 5G: What's the Difference?

Speaking of charging, both devices have the same 25W fast charging support. However, this time around, Samsung isn't bundling a charger inside the box of the Galaxy A53—which explains the cheaper price tag.


It's sad to see that a series that's all about affordability is getting rid of such an essential goody. What's worse is that other manufacturers will most probably copy this move and stop bundling charges with their mid-range phones too. And sooner or later, this awful trend is going to make its way into the budget category as well.

3. New 5nm Processor

The Galaxy A53 comes with a new 5nm Exynos 1280 processor which is significantly faster than the A52's 8nm Snapdragon 750G processor. Although we don't have any benchmark scores for the former at the time of writing, you can safely assume that the new chip will offer a much smoother gaming experience.

Despite that, the chip is still a mid-range one, so don't expect it to work like a flagship.

4. Four Years of Software Updates

Just like the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung is now promising four years of major Android updates and five years of security updates for its Galaxy A series phones as well. The Galaxy A53 comes with Android 12 out-the-box, so you can update it all the way to Android 16.

This is great news for people who like to hold on to their phones for longer. Remember, the longer you carry your phone, the less harmful it becomes to the environment.

5. No Headphone Jack

We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but with the Galaxy A53 (and its cheaper alternative, the A33), Samsung finally ditched the 3.5mm headphone jack. This might not affect you as much since you may have already switched to wireless headphones, but for audiophiles, it's a heartbreaking move indeed and something that worsens the smartphone experience.

The Galaxy A52 5G is the last device in Samsung's Galaxy A series to have an audio jack.

The Galaxy A53 5G Is a Mid-Range Superstar

The Galaxy A52 was one of the most well-received phones of 2021, so naturally, its successor the Galaxy A53 has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, the two devices are more similar than they are different.

For instance, both have the same camera system, the same display, the same IP67 rating, the same stereo speakers, the same charging speed, and a similar outer design. Yet, the improved performance, bigger battery, and longer software support make the A53 highly recommendable.

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