10 Best Fireproof Safes

10 Best Fireproof Safes

If your home or business caught fire, would your most important belongings be protected? Maybe it is time to think about a fireproof safe.

While most items are replaceable, some treasured possessions are irrecoverable.

Luckily, you can use fireproof safes for your peace of mind and know that documents with crucial information or your cherished items won’t be damaged if a worst-case scenario happens.

With many safes to choose from, finding one that checks all the boxes can be a tedious process. Fortunately, we’ve done the research for you and found the best fireproof safes currently on the market.

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    When shopping for a fireproof safe, you have to consider size, fire rating, locking mechanism, space and more. Here are the best fireproof safes that you can buy today.

    Amazon Basics Fire Resistant Security Safe with Programmable Electronic Keypad - 2.1 Cubic Feet, 16.93 x 25.98 x 13.8 inches$295.19CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    If you want a rugged option that stands up against extreme temperatures, consider the Amazon Basic Safe.

    This safe is made from a 14-gauge alloy steel material, which is sturdy enough to resist fire for up to 20 minutes at 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. The door also closes tightly to prevent smoke from staining exposed surfaces.

    The electronic keypad allows you to program the keys to your liking for increased reliability and security. It’s an excellent way to prevent burglary attempts since thieves have little to no chances of guessing customized passwords.

    There’s also a physical key that provides backup access anytime you forget your password.

    Besides looking like a top-of-the-line product, the fully carpeted interior prevents fragile documents from scratching or folding on the edges.

    You’ll also love the adjustable shelves that are helpful when you need to organize your documents and compact items, like 8-inch tablets, in different compartments.

    With a capacity of 1.24 cubic feet, this safe provides ample space to store valuable items like insurance policies, passports and birth certificates.

    In addition, installing this safe in your desired location is easy with the five 0.75-inch bolts that ensure added security for your items.

    SaleSureSeal by FireKing SS104-A 1 Hour Fireproof Waterproof Safe Chest, Fits Legal/Letter Sized Documents,0.38 CU FT Storage Capacity,Taupe $176.07CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The SureSeal by FireKing SS104-A is one of the best fireproof safes capable of withstanding fire for one hour at 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit.

    This high rating gives you sufficient time to call the fire department and have them get the fire under control before your priceless documents are compromised.

    It also has dual compression latches that prevent the lid from opening during a blazing fire.

    This fireproof safe even has a metallic enclosure that is water-resistant. It can be submerged into water for two hours, offering protection in the event of a flood or water leakage in your room.

    You get 0.38 cubic feet of space to hold legal-size documents, passports, portable hard drives and more. Although this safe doesn’t have removable shelves, its large footprint ensures you you can easily organize your items.

    Since this is a traditional safe, it uses a keyed mechanism and includes two keys for added convenience if you misplace one. You can give one key to someone you trust or hide it in an obscure area.

    US STOCK-Safe Box Fireproof Waterproof, Dual-Security Steel Security Box Safe Cabinet Money Box with Keypad LED Indicator Digital Combination Lock Safe for Money Gun Jewelry Document (1.2 cub)$129.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The 4YANG fireproof safe comes with a five-layer construction, making it a reliable pick for offering unmatched protection against various external elements.

    Its high-quality alloy steel construction stands up to fire, water, shock and acid, giving you the confidence to store your jewelry, treasured photos and money.

    The dual unlock system gives this safe an advantage over the competition. You’ll have access to the digital code lock, which lets you input eight unique digits before allowing the knob to turn.

    Alternatively, you can use the emergency key (two keys included) to open and lock the safe if you forget the digit combinations.

    It’s also worth mentioning the sensor alarm system that notifies you of an intrusion after an intruder enters the wrong password three times.

    Installing this safe on the wall or floor, whether wooden or concrete, is effortless as it comes with pre-drilled holes. You only need to insert the sturdy steel bolts and tighten them.

    Additionally, there’s a low battery feature that eliminates unpleasant surprises by alerting you when it’s time to replace the batteries.

    SaleKACSOO Fireproof Safe Box, 1.7 Cub Digital Safe Box Fireproof Waterproof Combination Lock Safe with Keypad LED Indicator, for Pistol Cash Jewelry Important Documents $178.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    For a safe that offers high-level protection against fire, water and theft, consider the KACSOO.

    This safe uses a thickened alloy steel material that keeps fires away from your irreplaceable items. Its door is also held by three 0.79-inch solid locks, making it hard for thieves to use a crowbar to access what’s inside.

    The interior space has a detachable partition that’s useful for storing documents of different sizes.

    You can make the bottom part large enough to secure a notebook laptop and use the small upper section to store your cash, jewelry and other compact items.

    Plus, the outer partitions are also removable, allowing the safe to fit in different floor and wall spaces.

    Besides the digital code lock, there’s an emergency key that allows you to access your items if you forget the pin. It also acts as a backup unlock system if you fail to replace the batteries on time.

    Intruders who sneak into your home won’t go unnoticed since the safe comes with a wrong password alarm function. It activates after three failed password attempts, and you can turn it off by entering the correct password.

    SentrySafe H0100 Fireproof Waterproof Box with Key Lock, 0.17 Cubic Feet, Black$35.00CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The SentrySafe H0100 is a well-constructed traditional safe that protects your assets from heat and smoke.

    It’s UL certified (Underwriters Laboratories) and protects your items against damage from high temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes.

    10 Best Fireproof Safes

    Most structures burn at 1,100 degrees Fahrenheit at the lowest points in your home, making this product reliable for protection during a disaster.

    Fire isn’t the only hazard that damages your irreplaceable documents, especially if you live in areas prone to downpours. This safe protects your valuables from floods as it can safely stay submerged for 72 hours.

    If you’re a renter or frequent traveler, you’ll love this safe since it’s reasonably lightweight and portable. In addition, it comes with an anti-slip handle that eases transportation.

    This safe uses a key lock to protect your items, meaning it doesn’t require a power source to operate. The package includes two keys, allowing you to use one as a backup if you misplace the other.

    Jovilife 0.8Cubic Fireproof Safe Digital Electronic Safe Security Box,Best Money Safe, Steel Strongbox with Keypad Fireproof Safe Waterproof–Protect Money, Guns, Jewelry, Documents, Passports$129.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The Jovilife is classified to survive for 30 minutes in high temperatures of up to 1,550 degrees Fahrenheit, making it great for protecting your belongings from scorching flames.

    This safe features a thickened steel door that shuts tightly using the two 0.79-inch locking bolts for maximum security against theft.

    The digital keypad provides you with a convenient to open the safe since it allows you to set a unique digit pin. However, you can use the two backup keys to unlock your safe if you forget the pin or the batteries die.

    With 0.8 cubic feet of space, this fireproof safe has sufficient storage to safeguard your wedding album, emergency cash and passports.

    Furthermore, the plate that separates the interior is removable. This means that the safe can hold a pile of standard letter-size documents laid flat and other accessories, like 10-inch tablets, at the top.

    The pre-drilled holes make mounting the safe in a hidden location quick and easy. You can bolt it on your floor or closet to prevent burglars from taking it.

    Better yet, the battery compartment is easily accessible. This ensures that you won’t have a hard time replacing the batteries.

    2.0 Cub Digital Fireproof Security Safe Box with Fireproof Waterproof Money Bag, Lock Box Safe with Inner Cabinet LED Light, Home Safe for Money Jewelry Documents$193.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The Tiskgg fireproof safe stands out due to its triple unlock system. It comes with two keys, a key code and a combination of the two (code plus master key) so that you can have added peace of mind.

    Two keys come in handy when the battery is low, while the combination enhances security by allowing you to identify yourself more than once.

    Build-wise, this fireproof safe is made from an alloy steel material that withstands high temperatures, collisions and drilling.

    You’ll also appreciate the included fireproof and waterproof bag that offers double protection to irreplaceable certificates, heirlooms, gifted jewelry and more.

    The gold-like interior has three compartments and six key hooks that allow you to organize your items the way you like.

    An LCD screen makes this fireproof safe more functional. It displays when the batteries are low, allowing you to replace them on time if you prefer using the combination lock.

    In addition, the unit triggers an alarm whenever an intruder uses excess force trying to break it open or enter a wrong password three times.

    SaleAEGIS 1.2 Cubic Feet Security Fireproof Box RV Safe Box with Digital Keypad Double Keys Home Gun Safe for Hotel Office Money Cash Jewelry 13.4 x 10.2 x 8.7 inches $169.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    If you want a durable fireproof safe to store most of your essential items, consider the Aegis.

    Its alloy steel build is designed to keep your precious valuables safe for 30 minutes at a high temperature of 1,400 degrees Fahrenheit. This means that you’ll have enough time to get help after a fire breaks out.

    The well-built door features two 0.86-inch solid live-locking bolts that provide a tight seal after closing it. They ensure smoke doesn’t penetrate on the inside, so your documents and IDs remain in pristine condition.

    There’s also a hinge that rotates up to 180 degrees, making it easy to organize your items or remove them.

    This safe is quite heavy. It measures 16.2 x 13.8 x 12.9 inches and weighs 46.2 pounds. That said, it’s an excellent option if you want a unit that burglars will have a hard time carrying after breaking into your home.

    In addition, you can choose between 1.2, 1.6 and 2.6 cubic feet of space, depending on your needs.

    Besides featuring a soft carpeted floor, the shelves are removable. This gives you enough space to organize external hard drives that are loaded with family memories, birth certificates, IDs and more.

    ISLANDSAFE Deluxe Small Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box Digital Electronic Keypad Lock Safes 0.8 Cuft Cabinet Safes Security Lock Box for Office Hotel Cash Money Jewelry Home, (0.8cuft Black)$135.99CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    With 0.8 cubic feet of space, the Islandsafe is one of the best fireproof safes for people living in small or medium-sized apartments.

    The safe isn’t too large as it only measures 14 x 11 x 9 inches. This means that you won’t have any difficulties placing it in inconspicuous places.

    It comes in four colors, including black, gold, sand and green, so you can choose an option that blends in with your wall or closet. This can make it harder for intruders to find where you put your safe.

    Besides the typical digital code lock and key access, this unit stands out with its emergency battery box. It’s useful when there’s an unusual situation, ensuring you have access to your belongings when needed.

    With the pre-drilled holes and expansion screws, mounting this fireproof safe to your preferred location is effortless. It also comes with four protection pads that prevent it from scratching your floor or cabinet.

    The 1.97-inch thick door closes using two 0.79-inch bolts, making this fireproof safe strong enough to protect your items against burglary.

    424 Reviews First Alert 2087F Waterproof and Fire-Resistant Bolt-Down Combination Safe, 0.94 Cubic Feet$176.00CHECK PRICE ON AMAZON

    The First Alert 2087F is a smart choice if you’re looking for a model that can withstand fire for a long time.

    It can endure high temperatures of 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit for one hour while keeping the internal temperature down to 350 degrees. You can be confident that your legal documents will remain intact during a raging fire.

    The First Alert safe has a waterproof exterior, so fire isn’t the only external element that it will protect your valuables from.

    It temporarily keeps your components dry when submerged in water. Plus, it can float for quick identification during a flood.

    This safe has a well-designed interior that comes with adjustable storage shelves that allow you to organize your items according to how big or small they are.

    Furthermore, with 0.94 cubic feet of space, you’ll have enough room to store your money, CDs, documents and more.

    For added security, this safe features pry-proof hinges and four five-locking door bolts. They allow the door to lock firmly while making it impossible for thieves to break in using a crowbar.


    Every fireproof safe comes with several features that could make it more beneficial than other options on the market.

    Some safes go the extra mile with a waterproof rating. Others have a longer tolerance to fire exposure at higher temperatures. Some even have extra security to protect your items from theft.

    Start by evaluating your needs before making a purchase. This will ensure you find an option that meets your preferences.

    No matter which safe you buy, the options on this list will protect your documents and valuables if disaster strikes.

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