Android 12 Is Causing Serious Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 T-Mobile Issues

Android 12 Is Causing Serious Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 T-Mobile Issues

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By Daniel GolightlyFebruary 09, 2022Advertisement

T-Mobile customers on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 could ultimately be forced to switch devices due to connection issues. That’s based on recent widespread reports surrounding connectivity issues with the gadget. And on one alleged internal memo pointing to a potential hardware issue specifically with that smartphone. With users reporting lost signals and call drops following an update to Android 12 and subsequent security updates.

This could be a bigger deal than it might seem

Issues following updates aren’t uncommon and Samsung phones — flagship Galaxy Z Fold 3 or otherwise — aren’t immune, regardless of whether T-Mobile or another carrier is in use. And they aren’t uncommon outside of Samsung either. But while the alleged internal memo claims only a small number of users are impacted, reports are more widespread. Showing up across the internet from T-Mobile’s own forums to Reddit.

Android 12 Is Causing Serious Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 T-Mobile Issues

Moreover, the memo reportedly informs T-Mobile representatives about how to address the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 issues. Namely, by switching customers to entirely different devices. And that’s regardless of whether customers are still in the 14-day grace period.


Representatives are also being asked to tell users to take their devices into a retail location.

Do you really need to swap out your Galaxy Z Fold 3 on T-Mobile?

Now, some users are reporting a temporary fix, for those who don’t want to take their device in. Or potentially be asked to leave their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 behind permanently. Some users report that turning on airplane mode and then turning it off fixes connection problems momentarily. So those willing to suffer intermittent disconnects can try that instead, although it isn’t guaranteed to work long-term.

For now, the only permanent fix appears to be switching to a different device. Or switching to a new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and hoping not to encounter the issues again.

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