How to Pay Netflix and Apple TV Subscriptions using Cardano Tokens

How to Pay Netflix and Apple TV Subscriptions using Cardano Tokens

HÜNENBERG, SWITZERLAND, March18, 2022(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Subscriptions are an integral part of modern life. Digital subscriptions are increasingly common as more people get content from various subscription channels, unlike the past few decades where cable TV was the default source. Accordingly, the need to support crypto payment for Netflix and other subscription services is on the rise, even timely.

Revuto is a subscription management platform on Cardano that aims to add efficiency and control to the payment of subscriptions. They are now joining hands with Genius Yield, an equally innovative order-book DEX launching on Cardano to fast-track the adoption of DeFi services. While both protocols would support each other’s ecosystem, a standout benefit would be paying for Netflix, Apple TV, Amazon, DSTV, and other subscription services using Genius Yield’s GENS and other Cardano tokens. It is a vital support allowing users to take control of their spending, save money, while also earning cashback in Revuto’s REVU tokens. Meanwhile, it will be possible for users to earn GENS by staking REVU via the ISPO in the Revuto Staking Center.

Streaming services can be annoying with their subscription models for all their quality content. You have probably heard a friend or relative furious over the billing policies of one of their subscriptions. The problems range from difficulties in cancellation, automatic renewal, and other communication-related issues.

A Blockchain-Based Subscription Service

The fundamental issue with most subscriptions is that they rely on credit cards or bank payments. Once you sign up and agree to terms that most people never read, the subscription service can automatically deduct from your bank account.

Revuto introduces the concept of a virtual debit card to grant users more control over subscription payments, allowing users to pay with Cardano and its tokens. The idea is to have a decentralized application that users can utilize to manage their subscriptions. This virtual debit card is operationalized as a decentralized application (dApp) that runs on the Cardano blockchain.

Here is a summary of how the subscription management app will work:

The real prize is your ability to block, snooze, and generally control payments to your subscription service. This versatility allows the account holder to prevent unwanted subscription charges that make subscriptions more expensive than what you signed up for. Besides, you don’t have to cancel the subscription when you want to snooze payments for a while before resuming.

The Cardano Blockchain Provides Base Support

How to Pay Netflix and Apple TV Subscriptions using Cardano Tokens

Revuto achieves its high performance because it launches from a robust layer, built from the ground up with the intention of being inherently scalable. The Cardano crypto blockchain is the handiwork of Ethereum co-founder Charles Hoskinson and a team of developers who sought to create a high-functionality and research-based network.

Accordingly, Cardano is an excellent host for decentralized systems and applications. The rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) bodes well for this bespoke blockchain and its native coin, ADA. The protocol has significantly higher throughput than Ethereum, implementing a unique architecture with different settlement and computation layers. Accordingly, smart contract execution does not clash with transactions, as is the case for Ethereum.

Using Cardano blockchain, this utility has allowed an integrated decentralized hub like Genius Yield, SundaeSwap, and others to thrive. Its efficiency and increasing stature in the DeFi sector fit well with services that offer a secure and fast settlement.

More Than Just Subscriptions Management

Meanwhile, with Revuto in the picture, users can make payments efficiently and leverage recurring payments with REVU and get extra services for money management. Revuto received three million early sign-ups for dApp, with hundreds of thousands of users worldwide. These numbers bode well for an upcoming Fintech startup earning Revuto accolades like the award for the fastest-growing consumer product at the recent World Blockchain Summit in Dubai.

The ability to pay for your subscriptions in Cardano tokens is revolutionary. Bitcoin has struggled to gain traction as a medium of exchange for all its popularity. This utility application provides a real-world use for cryptocurrency.

Revuto is looking to make its app a wholesome product. Soon, users will be able to exchange fiat and crypto in real-time and other decentralized finance services like lending and borrowing. Overall, the subscriptions management platform will provide a mobile-friendly and excellent decentralized finance management tool. The decision to launch on the Cardano blockchain is a testament to this vision. Revuto has a native Cardano mobile and non-custodial wallets with plans to add their custodial wallet to augment user experience.

Forecasting Growth in The Subscriptions Sector

The world is trending online by the year. This trend is likely to manifest in the subscriptions and billing management sector, with the global market estimated to grow from about $3.9 billion today to $7.4 billion in 2027. The accelerated growth of digital streaming services is the biggest growth driver. it is the golden age for streaming with more potential in developing markets

There is excellent potential for a subscriptions management tool with such a market size. There will be tens, even hundreds of millions more people joining this demographic in the next few years. Accordingly, Revuto is entering the scene strategically for all stakeholders.

Looking Forward

Cryptocurrency and the blockchain launched on the fundamental premise that consumers need more control of their finances. This idea is relevant in countless fields. Subscriptions fall in this category because some services are downright abusive in their billing policies. Genius Yield and Revuto take the tenets of decentralization and user empowerment in these industries and seek to transform how consumers relate to subscription services. There is a great need for such services. By forming a fitting coalition, Genius Yield and Revuto will likely reap from the appreciation users will have for such convenience.

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