LG·Samsung·SK, revealing future battery technology at ‘InterBattery 2022’ - ETNews

LG·Samsung·SK, revealing future battery technology at ‘InterBattery 2022’ - ETNews

The only battery exhibition in Korea, ‘InterBattery 2022’, will open on the 17th. South Korean complete battery companies, such as LG Energy Solution, Samsung SDI, and SKon will introduce future battery technologies at once.'InterBattery 2022' is hosted by Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and organized by Korea Battery Industry Association, and COEX, and will be held for three days from the 17th to the 19that COEX Hall A in Samseong-dong, Seoul.

LG·Samsung·SK, revealing future battery technology at ‘InterBattery 2022’ - ETNews

The Korean big 3 battery companies are putting their efforts on the next-generation technology of high nickel battery with safety, improvement of charging and discharging performance.LG Energy Solution will present next-next generation batteries such as light weight high energy density lithium-sulfur battery and all-solid-state battery (Polymer type, sulfide type)at InterBattery 2022. They will also present battery with aluminum added NCMA(Nickel, cobalt, manganese, aluminum) battery.In addition, they are presenting Long Cell with differentiated materials and process innovation technologies, which brought up energy density by 16% and mileage by more than 20% compared to the existing products.They will also introduce steps to build a virtuous cycle system for battery resources, such as metal extraction through reuse and recycling of batteries after their lifespan.SK on will introduce their latest technology in their exhibition space configured in the form of a tunnel, which are 'NCM9' battery, safety technology, and'Z-folding' technology, which is premium separator technology.

NCM9 is a battery where Nickel takes up to 90% of the components among nickel, cobalt, and manganese, which are the main materials for lithium-ion battery, and it is a high-performance battery with proprietary safety technology.SK on will introduce ‘S-Pack’ technology, heat blocking technology which prevents fires to spread within battery pack when one of the cell gets on fire.Samsung SDI will present their future portfolio with next-generation Gen.6 battery roadmap, all-solid-state battery roadmap, and cobalt free(Co-Free) technology. At their exhibition hall, they will introduce new BMW vehicle with Samsung SDI’s Gen.5 battery, and also future lineup including all-solid-state battery. To help understanding of spectators, they will make presentation lounge and share their contents with professional presenters.

Samsung SDI produces various types of batteries such as prismatic, cylindrical, and pouch-type batteries and button-type batteries. With advantage of these characteristics, the space will be constructed with various lineups such as information technology (IT), power batteries, energy storage system (ESS), eMobility batteries, and artificial intelligence (AI) robot batteries.By Staff Reporter Tae-jun Park

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