Samsung's One UI 4.1 Coming to More Galaxy Devices

Samsung's One UI 4.1 Coming to More Galaxy Devices

Samsung is bringing its latest Galaxy technology to a wider range of devices, the company said in a press release Tuesday. The One UI 4.1 update, which was originally introduced with Samsung's Galaxy S22 series, is now being rolled out to other Galaxy phones and tablets, starting with the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

Samsung's One UI 4.1 Coming to More Galaxy Devices

The One UI 4.1 update will also include the Galaxy S21 series, as well as the Galaxy A series and Tab S7 FE, before rolling out to older devices, including the S20 series, Z Fold and Z Flip. The US market rollout is expected to begin in the coming weeks, Samsung says.

Among the most notable features coming to older Galaxy devices include a keyboard with Grammarly integration, Google Duo live sharing and enhanced photo editing capabilities with upgraded Object eraser functionality and the S21 Ultra getting the Expert RAW photo editing app.

The announcement comes just in time for Samsung's Galaxy launch event this week.

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