The best exercises and stretches for hip pain

The best exercises and stretches for hip pain

Things to consider before starting to exercise your hips

The following hip exercises may initially cause some temporary discomfort but they shouldn’t cause or worsen your hip pain. If you do experience pain when performing these exercises, stop and see a doctor or physiotherapist for a physical examination and advice.

The best exercises and stretches for hip pain

If you have recently had hip replacement surgery, speak to a doctor or physiotherapist before performing any hip exercises.

If you have intense hip pain, do not perform these exercises until your pain lessens. Instead, rest your hip and apply ice packs for 20 minutes three to four times a day.

Before performing any exercises, make sure you warm up for 10–15 minutes with low-impact cardio eg brisk walking. After your warm up, stretch your muscles — this will make it easier to perform your exercises and reduce the risk of injury.

Aim to perform stretches every day and hip strengthening exercises two to three times a week.

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