This Galaxy Z Fold 4 design concept could be close to the real deal - SamMobile

This Galaxy Z Fold 4 design concept could be close to the real deal - SamMobile

Samsung is “the brand” when we talk about foldable and flip phones. The Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold series have been so popular that they even made Samsung the undisputed king in the foldable smartphone category in 2021. Taking things forward, Samsung is expected to launch the next-generation Galaxy Z Fold device, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 this year.

Some fresh design concepts of the foldable have now emerged, giving us a good look at what we should expect with the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4. These concept designs appeared in a video by Waqar Khan, a popular smartphone concept designer. If we go by Samsung’s foldable smartphone release cycle, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may see the light of the day in Q3 of this year.

This Galaxy Z Fold 4 design concept could be close to the real deal - SamMobile

Note the protruding Galaxy Z Fold 4 camera modules

The concept video of the phone shows a sleek Galaxy Z Fold 4. Do note that this is a concept, and there isn’t much information available about the actual design. So, take, or rather, watch the video with a pinch of salt. It does seem plausible based on the design direction we’ve seen Samsung take with the Galaxy S22 series.

Just like the previous year’s Galaxy Z Fold 3, the camera on the main display is hidden underneath the panel. At least in concept, the bezels around the Galaxy Z Fold 4 aren’t thick. Moreover, the one change you will notice in the concept of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is the rear camera module.

The concept design shows separate camera modules protruding from the device’s body. It will surely become a new place for the dust and debris to accumulate. There is a side-mounted fingerprint scanner, and the backside of the phone is slightly curved. This would make it a bit easier to hold.

The S-Pen is also shown here, and there is a housing for it on the same side as the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Samsung is expected to pack the S-Pen inside the Galaxy Z Fold 4, though there is no confirmation regarding that as yet.

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