www.androidpolice.com Reports of the Z Fold2's death turn out to be (slightly) exaggerated

www.androidpolice.com Reports of the Z Fold2's death turn out to be (slightly) exaggerated

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Earlier this week, Samsung seemingly ceased selling last year's flagship foldable, the Galaxy Z Fold2. The product listing at Samsung's store was temporarily replaced with a disclaimer that "The Galaxy Fold is no longer available for purchase on Samsung.com," directing customers to other options. While that quickly sparked rumors that Samsung was ending sales in anticipation of its next-gen foldables, the company now assures us that the Fold2 has not been discontinued.

What you'll see at the Samsung Store listing for the Z Fold2.

The wording for the statement on Samsung's Z Fold2 product listing was curious since it didn't call out the Z Fold2 by name, instead referring to the "Galaxy Fold," the original device that has long been sold out on Samsung's site. However, other changes over the last week or so indicated it could very well be true and the disclaimer was just poorly phrased.


Initially, evidence suggested Samsung's product listing stopped selling the Galaxy Z Fold sometime in the previous 24 hours. On June 12th, according to the Wayback Archive, the Unlocked, AT&T, and T-Mobile models of the Z Fold 2 had all gone out of stock, leaving only the Verizon and Sprint models for sale, and telegraphing this latest development for much of the last week.

www.androidpolice.com Reports of the Z Fold2's death turn out to be (slightly) exaggerated

Agreeing with the Samsung Store's stock change earlier this week, T-Mobile's product listing for the Z Fold2 is now a redirect, and Verizon lists all colors as out of stock, though AT&T is still selling the phone, and Best Buy claims to have both Unlocked, AT&T, and Verizon models available.

Previously, the Galaxy Z Fold2 saw a permanent $200 price drop, as well as a $100 discount with referrals. The ostensibly ultra-premium Galaxy Z Premier service also recently expanded benefits to Z Fold2 owners to include a set of free deserts that were so-so.

We reached out to Samsung to confirm exactly what was going on here, and the company attempts to assure us that — for the moment, anyway — sales should be continuing like normal:

"We’re pleased with the excitement around the Galaxy Z Fold2 5G and encourage customers to visit Samsung.com for the latest updates on availability. We want to clarify Samsung is not discontinuing the device."

And indeed, visiting Samsung's site today shows the (unlocked, at least) model back in stock and available for purchase. How long that will remain the case, we can't really say, but it looks like this recent incident may just have been a stock shake-up.

Samsung statement

Samsung response to our request for comment, and direct sales of the unlocked handset resume.

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