www.makeuseof.com 14 DIY Phone Stands You Can Make in Less Than Five Minutes

www.makeuseof.com 14 DIY Phone Stands You Can Make in Less Than Five Minutes

Easy and creative DIY phone stand ideas you should try.

A phone stand is a must-have accessory in this era of advanced smartphone technology. It props up your phone for seamless Zoom meetings, movie watching, and even TikTok recording. Don’t have one yet? Here’s a list of 14 easy, creative DIY phone stands you can make in less than five minutes.

1. Wooden Phone Stand

Use wood for a rustic look for your DIY phone stand. Pick your favorite wood, chop it based on the size of your phone, cut out a groove, and create a slight angle so your phone is perfectly tilted during use.

It’s one of the most flexible phone stand designs you’ll ever try since there’s an infinite array of designs you can come up with to tickle your fancy. You can even turn it into a multifunctional phone stand by adding nooks for your keys and watch. While at it, you can consider creating a unique phone DIY charging station.

2. DIY Phone Stand Made From Spoons and Forks

This is a perfect yet straightforward phone stand to make for a chef or culinary-loving friend. Grab three spoons and two forks, attach and bend them as shown in the video above, and you’ll have a unique, mini-spoon-man phone stand.

3. Phone Stand Made of Card

Turn an expired credit card into a DIY phone stand in three simple steps. Cut away a corner, create a notch wide enough to accommodate your phone on the corresponding edge, and boom! A DIY phone stand to stream the next episode of Suits comfortably.

4. Phone Stand Using Pencils

Need a quick, DIY phone stand to record your presentation for the next meeting? Grab five pencils and use three to fashion a triangle secured using rubber bands or string, adding an exitra pencil on one side for the stand base.


Tie a fifth pencil to the triangle corner opposite the base to prop up the stand, and hey presto! A functional, custom-made DIY phone stand that takes less than a minute to make.

www.makeuseof.com 14 DIY Phone Stands You Can Make in Less Than Five Minutes

5. Phone Stand Made of Cups

Instead of dumping more party cups into the environment, use them to create a functional DIY phone holder you can use around the house. The process is straightforward, too. Create a medium-sized hole on the side of two, slot the third cup between the two cups, and voila! A custom-made phone stand from cups you’d have ended up dumping.

Have fun with painting, coloring, drawing cute patterns on the cups, or covering them using fancy washi tape. Other ways to make this include using a single disposable coffee or ice cream cup.

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6. Chair Phone Holder

Using your favorite chair as inspiration, you can design a phone stand from scratch using nothing but a couple of popsicle sticks. You may use a lawn, rocking, or hanging chair as the model and then add some fabrics to give it a realistic, miniature chair feel. Besides popsicle sticks, you can use any material you find suitable, from wire to wood.

7. DIY Phone Stand From Binder Clips

For this one, pull a pair of binder clips off your old business reports, clip them together to create a phone stop, position your phone, and you’re good to go. As shown in the video above, there are many possible ways to use clips as a stand for your phone.

8. Key Chain Phone Stand

By attaching a piece of wood to a key chain, you can create a handy portable phone stand. Depending on your phone’s size, mark and cut out a notch in the wood where the phone will sit. You can paint the wood or leave it plain.

9. Phone Stand Using Toilet Paper Roll

Sometimes all you need to make the best DIY phone stand is to repurpose a toilet roll, cut it out in any shape you’d like, and use it to hold your smartphone investment.

Feel free to decorate it using any patterns or colorful stickers you want. You can even attach some push pins to give your phone stand more stability, and make it stand out. With toilet paper roll, the sky is the limit as far as designs are concerned.

10. Phone Holder From Ice Cream Sticks

If you’ve got a bunch of ice cream or popsicle sticks you no longer use, all you’ll need is hot glue, a pencil, and a pair of scissors to complete the list of things you’ll need to make this DIY phone stand.

Similar to other projects on this list, the designs you can create are virtually countless. So feel free to let your creativity come out on this one.

11. Phone Stand Made of Cardboard

To make this phone stand, you’ll need a piece of cardboard at least 12cm by 15cm thick and a pair of scissors only. Cut it up and follow the steps described in this video to create a cheap yet practical phone stand you can use at home.

DIY projects don’t have to be challenging. Check out these easy DIY engineering projects for kids you can also try at home with your child.

12. Phone Holder With Wine Corks

You’ll need six wine bottle corks for this project. Using a sharp knife, carefully cut out a suitably sized notch for your phone in three of them. Then glue all six corks together to create a stable holder for the phone. You can enjoy a glass of wine while watching a movie on it later.

13. Paper Mobile Stand

As far as super-simple DIY phone stands go, this paper holder is on top of the list. You can use pretty much any type of paper, even a page torn from a magazine.

With this sorted, you can either make your paper phone stand using glue and a pair of scissors or create cute origami phone stand designs by following the steps described in this video.

14. Paper Clips Phone Stand

Need to stream something in your home office quickly but have no phone stand? Grab a pair of big paper clips (they’re easier to bend), bend one loop 90 degrees and the other one back 45 degrees, and voila! You have a phone stand!

Fun and Practical DIY Phone Stands to Make at Home

Why spend your money on a phone stand when you can make one using nothing but easily accessible materials such as toilet paper roll, paper clips, and even cardboard? We hope you find a quick and practical DIY phone stand fix on this list.

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