FIFA Mobile 22: Reviewing the UTOTY Players

FIFA Mobile 22: Reviewing the UTOTY Players

The official EA Team of the Year event dropped in FIFA Mobile 22 over a month ago and the Ultimate versions of the TOTY starters ie the UTOTY are now available as well. Eleven of the best players in world football last year combine to make the UTOTY squad in FIFA Mobile. These guys are in the top tier of quality, and EA has made sure not to be too generous with them. Before diving right in for the UTOTY cards, it’s better to take a step back and wait until there’s more to know about them. There’s nothing worse than spending a month of hard work on a card, only to look back later, wishing you picked a different one.

Don’t worry though, we’ve compiled in-depth reviews on all 11 UTOTY cards, detailing their advantages and disadvantages. This review will look at each of the UTOTY Players in FIFA Mobile 22 and review their playstyles to show how you can get the most out of them in-game. We have carefully reviewed and analyzed their playstyles to assist you in figuring out how we can get the best out of them in-game.

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FIFA Mobile 22 UTOTY Defenders

Gianluigi Donnaruma (GK)


Voted the Euros 2020 Player of the Tournament, Donnarumma was key to Roberto Mancini‘s side. It wasn’t just the penalty shoot-out display either, Italy could have been much worse off without the 22-year-old. At such a young age, particularly for a goalkeeper, Donnarumma already looks like a world-beater.

UTOTY Donnarumma tops the charts to be the highest-rated non-Icon Goalkeeper in the game. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that historically, goalkeepers have come to plenty throughout the season. This could impact decisions.


As the highest-rated non-icon keeper in the game, Donnarumma does what is expected of him really. He’s the kind of keeper who can get even the most skilled VSA players to start paying more attention. The skill boost plays a key role, it elevates Donnarumma’s saving ability to another level. Whilst he won’t save every shot, he can stop most types of attempts and is a great reinforcement at the back. Particularly in the context of VS Attack, just having a player of his price and caliber in the defense gives that peace of mind.

For those opposition players struggling against UTOTY Donnarumma, a good tip is to try and avoid long shots. It’s better to push closer into the box and take a touch before shooting. Close-range power shots and placed shots from an angle are the ways to go.


There isn’t much difference in H2H from VSA, as you’d expect. Although it’s worth noting that distribution is not one of UTOTY Donnarumma’s fortes. Especially long-range passes, they’re more like blindfolded clearances. Avoid those wherever possible!

FIFARenderZ Link of Donnarumma

Joao Cancelo (LB)


After an outstanding year with Manchester City, Cancelo ensures that the TOTY back five is made up of just two teams. The Portuguese man was a key cog that helped gear his club to the domestic double, and almost a UCL too. He excels on the wing and is capable of creating beauty with his shots and passes. What’s more, Cancelo possesses the versatility to play on either side as well.

Because of that reason, it seems EA has decided to input Cancelo as an LB. Although an unorthodox position, its something different, which could be a reason for his additional demand. To top it all off, he’s a well-rounded player stats-wise, with only three attributes dropping below 80.


It’s safe to say Cancelo isn’t the most defensively astute player, and it isn’t that big of a challenge to get past him. A decently-timed skill move should be enough to stun him. However, he is very quick, and he’ll catch up to most attackers to block shots and intercept passes. He isn’t a great defender, but he isn’t completely useless in defense either.


Offensively, Cancelo is quite a handful. He is obviously a very attacking-minded player, and that evidently shows in FIFA Mobile. Cancelo will often push up to join the attack and make useful runs down the wing too. With a great pace, technical ability, and balance, it’s often really annoying to try and tackle this guy. He’s got a smooth turn and when he passes into the box, it’s almost always accurate. One of the benefits of having a right-footed LB is the ability to cut in from deep, it’s a wildcard move that can throw off opponents.

FIFARenderZ Link of Joao Cancelo

Marquinhos (CB)


Marquinhos is an unexpected addition to the EA TOTY. Nonetheless, he’s had a solid career as a whole, winning the Ligue 1 six times in the nine seasons he’s been with PSG. Originally a midfielder, Marquinhos made the switch to the backline which has helped his play-style. The Brazilian functions as a more dynamic center-back, excelling in passing and playing out from the back. Having a defender like this in FIFA Mobile can provide a great tactical advantage.


It seemed quite easy getting past Marquinhos. All it took was a timed skill move and he was left stunned. Whilst he does chip in to make a few blocks and tackles, there should really be more from an Ultimate Team of the Year defender, and Marquinhos doesn’t quite live up to that. He does have an elite-level aerial threat, but that’s about it really. For what he costs, UTOTY Marquinhos is a bit of a disappointing defender in VSA.

FIFA Mobile 22: Reviewing the UTOTY Players


Some of his best qualities shine more in H2H than in VSA, he definitely suits this mode more than the two. In addition to that aerial threat, the Brazilian has great long-range distribution and is quite fast too. These qualities make him one of the most complete H2H defenders out there. For those that play just this mode, Marquinhos is one of the more effective CBs. However, because of his drawbacks in VSA, it may be better to just hold on to the standard TOTY version, since there are much better uses of the UTOTY points.

FIFARenderZ Link of Marquinhos

Ruben Dias (CB)


Ruben Dias raised eyebrows when he moved to Manchester City for about £60 million in the Summer prior to the 2020/21 season. He’s been well worth the price though and enjoyed a stellar campaign with the English club. Voted the PL player of the year and the UCL best defender title, Dias helped City to the Premier League and the Carabao Cup.

As a solid, physical center-back, Dias brings leadership and structure to the backline. After all, having a stable defense in FIFA Mobile will be essential to combat the growing force of attacking players.


Dias is a solid center-back, and you can trust him to elevate the VSA defense. It’s quite difficult trying to skill-move past this guy, and he recovers well when beaten. His positioning to block shots is annoyingly good, and his tackles, both sliding and standing, are usually well-timed. Overall, a very good defender – a lot better in VSA than his UTOTY partner in Marquinhos.


In contrast to how special he was in VSA, he is a bit of a basic profile for head-to-head. Although he is a solid defender, he lacks pace, and he doesn’t look good with the ball at his feet either. Dias is the kind of guy to sit in the middle of a back three, cleaning up in the defense. If he’s in a back two, it’s advised to partner him up with someone who complements his abilities.

FIFARenderZ Link of Ruben Dia

Achraf Hakimi (RB)


Hakimi starred at Inter Milan in 2021, helping the club to the Serie A title with his 7 goals and 8 assists. He made the big-money switch in the Summer to PSG, though aside from some contributions, he is yet to properly put a stamp on his arrival.

The Moroccan is a great example of the modern wing-back. With the pace and intricate ball control, Hakimi is known to run the wing and whip in dangerous crosses, whilst also pushing into the box for goals as well.


Defensively, Hakimi is a bit of a weak point in defense. He gets stunned way too easily and doesn’t really want to recover either. Genuinely, he doesn’t really count as a serious defender, since most of the time, he’ll literally just standstill. Even though he isn’t intended to be a full-blown defender, his contribution as an RB is very little.


As a pacy and skillful player, Hakimi can be quite fun to use head-to-head. However, his lack of interest in defending still shows. Quite often, Hakimi gets caught out of position and doesn’t really have that urgency to get back, leaving the whole right-side exposed to counter-attacks. On top of that, he often gets pushed off the ball on too many occasions. All in all, it’s a bit of a disappointing card, and whilst it has some benefits, it isn’t really worth the upgrade from the TOTY variant.

FIFARenderZ Link of Achraf Hakimi

FIFA Mobile 22 UTOTY Midfielders

Kevin De Bruyne (CM)


Kevin De Bruyne hit 14 goals and 16 assists in 2021, helping his side to the domestic double (Premier League and Carabao Cup). Voted PFA Player of the Year for the second successive season, De Bruyne is no doubt, one of the best midfielders in England and maybe even in the world too. How he reads the game is completely different from the average player, and he has the technical ability to do exactly what he wants as well – it’s unreal at times. De Bruyne is the joint highest-rated UTOTY player in FIFA Mobile 22 and his profile makes him an ideal asset to any team’s midfield.


This card is nothing short of brilliant. The shots are accurately placed, yet so powerful. His control over the ball is matched by a few players in the game, and his passing is of the highest level. De Bruyne can pull off some passes that even the user can’t notice. With a 5* weak foot as well, this is the best non-icon midfielder to own in the whole game right now.


De Bruyne just happens to be everywhere on the pitch, be it defense or attack. His best role is probably as a playmaker in a midfield of three, creating chances for the attackers. He is also quite effective in a more advanced role between the midfielders and forwards. Whatever the role is, this card will definitely impress.

FIFARenderZ Link of Kevin De Bruyne

Jorginho (CM)


The two most prestigious trophies in all of the European football are the Champions League and the Euros. Jorginho won them both in the same year. It would be fair to point out that Jorginho was voted UEFA Player of the Year as well, so his contributions shouldn’t go unnoticed.

Although he wasn’t a standout performer, what he achieved in just one year is what many players dream to do. That demands some sort of recognition Jorginho is an all-rounded midfielder that is known for contributing consistently throughout the 90 minutes. He brings something very similar to FIFA Mobile through his UTOTY card.


Jorginho is not really a VS Attack oriented player. He isn’t someone to look out for on an attacking chance, and he isn’t a proper obstacle for the opponent in defense either. That’s not saying UTOTY Jorginho is a bad card, he’s just not meant for this mode.


Whilst he lacks importance in VSA, Jorginho makes up for it very well in head-to-head. The Italian can run the midfield on his own and is a very useful asset to have in the team. He is decent on the ball and can chip in with a few nicely timed tackles as well. His best quality though is the playmaking. Both short-range and long-range, the passes are almost always crisp and accurate. Combining him with a defensive-minded midfielder gives Jorginho that bit of freedom to be more adventurous with his playmaking.

FIFARenderZ Link of Jorginho

Ngolo Kante (CDM)


Kante was pivotal to the Chelsea team which charged towards the UEFA Champions League title in 2021. He was voted as the best Midfielder in the tournament and it made sense for a player of his caliber. He’s known as one of the most energetic players, with enough stamina to run for days.

Especially off the pitch, it’s difficult not to respect the Frenchman. Kante in FIFA has always been a popular option for that defensive midfielder role. His new UTOTY card in FIFA Mobile 22 brings another level of reinforcement in that department too.


This is one of the more annoying cards to play against. The defensive work is very well-timed and when beaten, he recovers very quickly. A lot of the team can just use pure body strength to throw the attacker off the ball. He is quite short though and does get caught out by the occasional rainbow flick, but again, he’s good enough to recover quickly. Overall, a very good defender.


It’s important to position Kante with players around him, otherwise, his lack of height can cause issues. Other than that, the Frenchman produced solid performances in H2H as well. Kante’s defensive work is sharp, and his passes are tidy. He’s got heaps of stamina too, which allows him to dominate throughout the full 90 minutes. Kante excels best as the lone CDM where he can focus on cleaning up in front of the center-backs. However, he can also sit alongside a more attacking-minded midfielder in a partnership as well.

FIFARenderZ Link of Ngolo Kante

FIFA Mobile 22 UTOTY Forwards

Kylian Mbappe (ST)


Mbappe enjoyed another successful year in 2021, scoring 45 goals and assisted a further 22 times to earn a place in the EA TOTY. The Frenchman produced sensational individual performances in that year which few other players could match. The memorable hat-trick against Barcelona was a highlight, as was his brace against Bayern Munich. It’s difficult not to admire what Mbappe is capable of. His pace, finishing, and dribbling ability are all at a high level – simply a joy to watch.

The 23-year-old immediately came in high demand as soon as the TOTY event dropped, and he has been one of the more common picks amongst FIFA Mobile players. This makes sense because his playstyle could not suit the game any better.


Mbappe is the complete package – shooting, pace, dribbling, he can do it all. His shot-power can be ridiculous at times, but he is also capable of pulling off accurately-placed finesse shots too. With the ball at his feet, Mbappe turns very fluidly, and he possesses insane acceleration to burst past defenders. A slight drawback is he does run out of ideas against the stronger defenders. There’s a bit of a lack in balance and strength, but other than that, this is still a very fun card to use.


Again, the absence of strength and balance shows as a weak point in head-to-head, since the big defenders can just run into Mbappe and win the ball. Despite that, he’s still one of the most agile and exciting players to use in the game.

FIFARenderZ Link of Kylian Mbappe

Robert Lewandowski (ST)


Robert Lewandowski had one of the best individual years of his career in 2021. Netting a jaw-dropping 64 times and notching another 10 assists, Lewandowski broke tons of records and proved that even at 33, he’s still capable of making history. He helped his side to three trophies that year, including the Bundesliga, DFL Super-Cup, and the Club World Cup.

Lewandowski’s consistent, world-class finishing ability is what makes the difference between him and other strikers in football. Because of that, He’s one of the best forwards in the game at the moment.


Just like in real-life, Lewandowski’s finishing ability in FIFA Mobile is breath-taking. He can pull off shots from anywhere and more often than not, they’ll somehow sneak into the goal. Lewandowski brings aerial threat to the table as well, he is genuinely a goal machine for VSA. On top of that, he’s got heaps of strength to combat those bulky center-backs as well. His only drawback is his movement with the ball. Whilst it isn’t bad, it’s nothing at the level of UTOTY Mbappe for example.


Again, shooting is the highlight for UTOTY Lewandowski. In addition to that though, it does feel like he’s got a bit of pace on him as well. Perhaps it’s the physical build of the Polish man, which makes him seem slow.

Obviously, he’s not running the pitch in a few seconds, but he still moves quickly and dribbles quite well too. His strength does play a part though, it’s a tough task trying to get the ball off Lewandowski. Using this card as a lone target man is an obvious tactic. However, he can also be paired with a more mobile striker, like UTOTYY Mbappe to form a deadly strike partnership.

FIFARenderZ Link of Robert Lewandowski

Lionel Messi (RW)


One of the greatest players to ever grace a football pitch makes the EA TOTY for who knows how many times now. Messi almost single-handedly dragged a declining Barcelona as far as they could go, before switching over to South America to win the first major international trophy of his career. He added another 41 goals and 17 assists to his enormous tally, as well as yet another Ballon d’Or. That’s seven now.

Lionel Messi’s UTOTY card is the classic that never gets old. Since it’s not long since Messi decides to hang up his boots, who knows which TOTY appearance is his last? Make the most of everything!


Stats-wise, this looks like an incredible card, and whilst it is a very good card, the only issue is he doesn’t really turn up much. That medium attacking work rate brings this card’s value down quite a bit. Quite often, Messi joins the attack late and runs from deep. When he does have the ball, he’s capable of producing magic just like he does in real life, Shots, passes, dribbles – this card has the ability to do it all. It’s just annoyingly lazy.


In H2H, it’s a similar case. Again, it’s a very fun card to use but the work-rate damages the performance a lot. He doesn’t make many forward runs and instead looks to receive the ball deep. He doesn’t track back much at all either, leaving the wing prone to possible counter-attacks. All in all, for the avid Messi-fans, this is still a quality card with tons of positives – just don’t expect energy to be one of them.

FIFARenderZ Link of Lionel Messi

Cristiano Ronaldo (ST)


Ronaldo enjoyed a very successful individual year in 2021. With 43 goals and 6 assists, the Portuguese legend won both the Serie A Golden Boot and the EUROs 2020 Golden Boot. He broke the record for the most international goals in men’s football history as well – totaling a remarkable 115 goals whilst in Portugal colors.

Ronaldo breaks into the FIFA Mobile 22 UTOTY team as the 12th man, which means obtaining him is a little different. He can be found in the pack store through a series of chain packs. They do cost FIFA Points though, so sourcing Ronaldo from the event is not possible for Free-to-Play players.


The best way to describe UTOTY Ronaldo is he is genuinely a middle-ground between Mbappe and Lewandowski. He surpasses Lewandowski’s dribbling ability but isn’t good enough to top Mbappe. His shooting is better than that of Mbappe’s but isn’t good enough to match Lewandowski etc. He’s the best of both worlds, which is worth knowing for those stuck on the decision of who to buy of the three UTOTY strikers.


It’s the same case in H2H as well. He is a very good striker, with great finishing ability and ball control. He is best deployed as a single, complete striker, surrounded by creativity to make the chances. For those looking for a striker partner, someone creative and mobile would be the best fit.

FIFARenderZ Link of Cristiano Ronaldo

Please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, I’ll make sure to reply to everyone. Hope you find this review on FIFA Mobile 22 UTOTY Players useful.

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