Dev Makes First-Person Shooter Pokemon Game Where You Kill Pokemon Dev Makes First-Person Shooter Pokemon Game Where You Kill Pokemon

Pokemon has a weird history with guns. There have been multiple instances where the Pokemon anime has censored depictions of guns, and the main series Pokemon video games have mostly stayed away from portraying firearms at all, which makes sense as the franchise is primarily directed at kids. Nintendo and Game Freak are unlikely to ever make a Pokemon video game that extensively features guns, but one indie developer has done the work for them, making a Pokemon game where the goal is to shoot and kill Pokemon.


A clip of this violent Pokemon game concept was shared by Reddit user Dragon_GameDev, also known as Dragon on YouTube. Dragon_GameDev plans on making a new game every month throughout 2022, with this violent Pokemon FPS being their first project. The video shared by Dragon_GameDev shows them exploring a tranquil field that wouldn't look out of place in a normal Pokemon game, except they're gunning down every creature they come across instead of trying to catch them in a Poke Ball.

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The video also shows a few boss fights, with the player character facing off against legendary Pokemon like Articuno, Mewtwo, and Zapdos, all with their own arenas. It's a little odd to see Pokemon get shot and have blood fly out of them, but so far it seems many fans find the results morbidly hilarious.

This year I've decided I'm going to make a game a month. The first month is.. Pokemon FPS??!? from IndieGaming Dev Makes First-Person Shooter Pokemon Game Where You Kill Pokemon

It's highly unlikely Nintendo will ever allow this violent Pokemon game to get very far, but it still makes for an interesting and bizarre concept demo. In the meantime, those who are intrigued by this premise may want to check out the game that's been described as Pokemon with guns, Palworld.

Palworld is an open world game that was announced last summer and quite literally looks like if one took the basic concepts behind Pokemon and threw guns into the mix. Palworld also has some crafting and survival game mechanics to help it stand out even further, though the jury is still out on whether all these concepts come together in a satisfying way or not.

Palworld and videos of Dragon_GameDev's Pokemon game are probably the closest fans will get to a Pokemon game with guns. But while it doesn't have guns, Pokemon fans do have a new game in the series to look forward to very soon, as the upcoming Nintendo Switch exclusive game Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to launch on January 28 and is still making some big changes to the established formula.

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