Honor 50 Lite: Only attractive at a discount?

Honor 50 Lite: Only attractive at a discount?

The Honor 50 Lite has a 6.67-inch 60 Hz LC display with a Full HD Plus resolution. Its brightness is appealing, and the fact that it doesn't use pulse width modulation for brightness control is particularly positive. So far, so good? Unfortunately, no. The lack of HDR support can be forgiven, but the reason why Honor chose not to implement DRM certification remains a bit of a mystery.

Honor 50 Lite: Only attractive at a discount?

A smartphone in the price range of 300 Euros (~$33) is welcome to support 5G, but unfortunately, this is not the case with the 50 Lite. The Snapdragon 662 only has an LTE modem. This is a shame because some rivals in the same price range already offer this.

Honor's 6 MP camera of Honor isn't very impressive. It offers a lot of resolution, but details are still only captured with a lot of blurriness. Hopefully, this is mainly due to the algorithms, because Honor could still improve this with software updates in that case.

Updates would be the next issue. The Honor 50 Lite doesn't appear on the Android 12 roadmap so far. Considering the old SoC, this might not be a coincidence, but a major update should be mandatory in this price range. Security patches have not been released yet, either.

Only the declining price makes the Honor 50 Lite attractive. For 300 Euros (~$33), the competition, especially Xiaomi, simply has more to offer. However, this could change at the current price of 230 Euros (~$263) on Amazon.de ($259.99 on Amazon.com). Honor would then offer a better overall package in terms of price, including modern fast-charging technology, a good display, and long battery life. If Android 12 were added on top, the 50 Lite could become an appealing alternative.

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