Join 10 million students learning a new language with Babbel

Join 10 million students learning a new language with Babbel

People who speak multiple languages may enjoy various cognitive benefits. According to theUniversity of the Potomac, this includes improved attention span and memory, better multitasking skills, higher self-esteem and additional career options. Plus, learning the local lingo can better help you appreciate a place’s people, culture and history.

If you want to pick up a new language,Babbelmight be worth considering. It’s established itself as a reliable source of knowledge in the online learning space, boasting over 10 million students worldwide.

Babbel content isn’t built around algorithms and artificial intelligence insights. Instead, more than 150 linguists and language instructors used their hard-earned expertise to create the curriculum. And rather than relying on static vocabulary lists and abstract recitation exercises, the training focuses on areas where students cangain the most value. As a result, the native speakers converse and relate in their language on topics like family, travel, dining and the weather.

Join 10 million students learning a new language with Babbel

You can choose one of 13 languages — ranging from Spanish, French and Italian to Polish, Indonesian and Portuguese — and dive into Babbel’s lessons at your own pace. Each class is concise,lasting 10 to 15 minutes, and covers a single topic to reinforce its importance and help students understand the content.

Babbel'sspeech recognitionfeature can track your progress as you familiarize yourself with a new language through lessons, games and podcasts. It knows what you’re doing well, what needs improvement and how to shape future lessons to shore up any trouble spots in your training. And with regular practice, the company claims most students will know how to speak confidently in their new language in as little as three weeks.

Your Babbel account syncs across all your platforms and devices, so if you have 15 minutes to spare, you can take another step towards language fluency.

Inspired students who want to discover a different culture should consider learning its language. Babbel’s short, focused lessons can help, and you canget a subscription for 60 percent off.

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