Minecraft Turtle Shells: Everything you need to know

Minecraft Turtle Shells: Everything you need to know

Turtle Shells in Minecraft is an oft-forgotten piece of gear equipped by the players using it as a helmet that provides the Water Breathing status effect. It is quite time-consuming to create Turtle-Shells because they are made of scute. Scute is a material that only appears when a baby turtle grows into its adult size.

How to get Turtle Shells in Minecraft

To breed turtles, the players must obtain the five pieces of scute to craft the helmet itself. One can then equip the turtle shell helmet to enjoy or experience the Water Breathing status effect. However, the players can also use the turtle shell for another function in the game.

Minecraft Turtle Shells: Everything you need to know

Potion of the Turtle Master

Turtle Shells also serve another purpose which is the brewing process. When the turtle shell is placed in a brewing stand, a player can place awkward potions in the slots underneath to brew what is known as a Potion of the Turtle Master.

When the Potion of the Turtle Master is used, it slows down a player and mob movement speed, even while sprinting. Structures under the effects of these potions also see their total damage taken reduced. The effects and the duration of the potion depend on its quality.

Sound quality will help you achieve a longer duration and increase the results.Damage reduction is a great ability to possess. However, slowing down the player’s movements can be problematic, especially in certain combat scenarios.

Effects of the Potion of the Turtle Master in various ranks

Minecraft players do not have to experience the potion effects the whole time. This makes the potion a fair situation tool to be used either on the player itself or a specific target. Using the Turtle Shell as a helmet that provides a Water Breathing status effect is the preferred use of this item.

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