Mint Gaming Hall expands to Bowling Green

Mint Gaming Hall expands to Bowling Green

BOWLING GREEN, Ky. – The Mint Gaming Hall in Franklin, Kentucky is expanding to a new location in Bowling Green. This new facility, located behind The Pub By Novo off Scottsville road will be roughly half the size of the building in Franklin. This new roughly 50,000 square foot addition will have a café and bars, including a sports bar.

The new gaming hall will also have simulcast sports betting, so people can watch and bet on race tracks across the nation. The gaming hall will install hundreds of familiar and new games that people can choose from.

Mint Gaming Hall’s Director of Marketing John Wholihan said this new addition will bring about 100 to 150 jobs to the community including customer service, bartending, gaming and a variety of positions.

Mint Gaming Hall expands to Bowling Green

“We look forward to talking to a lot of folks in the Bowling Green area about employment,” said Wholihan. “That’s the big thing, and that’s the part that has the impact on the economy. And to our customers in the Bowling Green and surrounding areas, we look forward to offering something that’s a little bit closer, [a] very new, fresh, exciting fun environment.”

Along with job opportunities, hotels are also excited to see this expansion prosper.

Three Springs Hospitality Regional Sales Director Claudia Sweeney said she’s excited for the new attraction to hit town. “After this last year, a year and a half of the pandemic and the impact that it had on our industry, it’s all good news around,” said Sweeney.

Sweeney said that a tourism hotspot like this leads to job security for their employees when guests fill their hotels. She’s also happy just to see a new, fun attraction for people to enjoy.

“On top of the Lost River Cave, the Train Depot, Beech Bend and the NCM, and the NCM motorsports Park we have yet another attraction that brings more tourism, more stuff for people to do when they’re here in Bowling Green. It’s just great. It’s super exciting,” Sweeney commented.

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