Razer Seiren BT Microphone - Review

Razer Seiren BT Microphone - Review

The Razer Seiren family of microphones was introduced to cater directly to the content creation and gaming market, giving users another quality product to consider for their audio recording needs. The new Razer Seiren BT comes in with a similar purpose but for a slightly different audience. This small form factor Bluetooth microphone is meant primarily for vlogging on-the-go and live streaming from mobile phones. Here’s how the Seiren BT fairs in this relatively trending market.

Razer Seiren BT Design

The design of the Seiren BT is practical and simple, with a matte black metal construction that is sturdy as well as relatively unobtrusive. The device weighs only 14.5g, which is light enough to not be bothersome and comes with a clip-on style that is perfect for snapping on to your collar so you can get started with recording anywhere.

The microphone also comes with two windsocks, foam for indoors and fur for outdoor settings. These help to reduce wind noise and popping for the most part, although it can mess with the audio clarity a little. There is a 3.5mm audio jack as well, which allows you to hook up a wired audio device to monitor the audio or use the microphone with lower latency.

Razer Seiren BT Features

The omnidirectional microphone on the Seiren BT is quite reliable when testing it out and the noise suppression is adjustable depending on what kind of environment you’re in. The AI Mic technology included with the microphone lets you select a setting to filter out noise in your environment.

Razer Seiren BT Microphone - Review

The companion Razer streaming app lets you adjust those settings from your mobile phone, including calibrating your mic gain, customizing your audio profiles and monitoring your battery life. The Seiren BT comes with a “low latency mode” aimed at mobile gaming, where you can plug in the microphone to a wired earphones via the 3.5mm audio port and reduce latency in your audio while playing games and livestreaming. The same audio port can be used in “sidetone” mode to hear the output of the mic to ensure you’re using optimum audio levels when recording.

A strange design choice comes into play here though, where the provided windsocks cannot be used when connecting a wired audio device, since it actually covers the top of the audio port. This is not ideal if you happen to want to use sidetone while recording in a noisy environment, but it’s a specific enough use case that it probably won’t matter to most.The Razer Seiren BT is meant to work primarily with Bluetooth device enabled streaming applications like Streamlabs, which they recommend. While streaming using a compatible app, the Razer Streaming App can be used to change audio settings on the fly, although it might pause your stream momentarily depending on how the streaming app and your phone handles multi-tasking.

The microphone does work with some apps like voice recording and notes as well as potentially third-party apps for live streaming and recording that are designed to detect these kinds of Bluetooth microphones. However, it can face major issues when you try to use native mobile camera and calling apps on iOS and Android. While I was technically able to use the microphone with Discord and Google Meets, I faced connection issues throughout with my voice dropping randomly. Disconnecting the device returned my audio to normal, so it’s an issue with compatibility somehow.

The Razer Seiren BT can stay connected to your device under 10 meters and does have a fairly decent latency of 20ms, lending to its capability in the live streaming department. The device lasts close to 6 hours with the noise reduction AI turned off and can be charged up quickly to full capacity in 1.5 hours.

Now, the audio quality itself is what matters most. While the recording isn’t as accurate when compared to indoor desktop microphones, it is suitable for IRL livestreaming and outdoor recording on the go. You can hear a fair bit of compression in the recording but what you do notice most (or don’t notice, depending on how you understand it) is the amazing noise reduction. The AI noise suppression makes for clear voice quality despite the noise in a busy outdoor environment, showing that Razer doesn’t mess around when dedicating a device for a specific use case.

Here are two recordings, showcasing the audio recorded with the Seiren BT. The first sample was recorded indoors without the foam cover and the second sample is with the foam cover. A third sample will be uploaded soon with outdoors environment and the fur windsock.

Should You Buy It?

The Razer Seiren BT is an impressive Bluetooth microphone, focusing precisely on the IRL streaming and vlogging market. For a retail price of $99, it can be a major improvement to content creators looking to bring a higher quality of production on a tight budget. Compared to other alternatives in a similar price range, the Seiren BT is surely at the top of the list.

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