10 Best One-Liners In Video Games, According To Reddit 10 Best One-Liners In Video Games, According To Reddit

There are a lot of things the most iconic video games are remembered for. The characters, the voice acting, the graphics, the gameplay, and the story all contribute to a game's success with fans. However, an often-overlooked contributor to fans' love of a video game is the humble one-liner.

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One-liners are succinct statements that can be funny, witty, or otherwise meaningful. The most popular video games, including the Fallout series and Assassin's Creed, are chock-full of these short quotes, and Reddit users have been reminiscing about some of their favorites.


Gravemind - Halo 2

Reddit user bloodredswan submits this quote from Halo 2. Gravemind is the hive-mind leader of The Flood, the primary antagonists of the Halo franchise. This quote is Gravemind's first face-to-face introduction with Master Chief.

This quote is just plain cool. On top of being a memorable introduction, it holds significance to many Halo fans for referencing a time in the franchise when the Forerunners were ancient humans. It was the sins of the Forerunners that led to the creation of The Flood, and later the sins of humanity that led to The Flood returning.

Narrator - Fallout Series

This quote is the opening voiceover over every single Fallout game. Reddit user vextender specifies "Ron [Perlman's] voice over on the intro to the original Fallout." Die-hard Fallout fans know that Ron Perlman voiced every Fallout intro except for Fallout 4, which was voiced by the male protagonist.

This quote is a succinct summary of a major theme of the Fallout franchise: the inevitability of violence. It's particularly impactful in the opening of the original Fallout game, serving to introduce players to what would become one of the most well-known franchises in gaming.

Duke Nukem - Duke Nukem 3D

The Duke Nukem series is well-known for its funny, raunchy, and ridiculous one-liners. Reddit user Jargo65 and the hundreds of Redditors who upvoted their comment have a particular affection for this one.

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This quote is a solid summary of Duke Nukem's sense of humor. The series garnered a reputation for being grotesquely violent and obscene but, although there hasn't been a well-received Duke Nukem game in twenty years, many gamers remember Duke and his jokes fondly. 10 Best One-Liners In Video Games, According To Reddit

Hold Guard - Skyrim

Reddit user Laraib_2002 submits this quote that even people who haven't played Skyrim will surely recognize. From the time of Skyrim's initial release back in 2011, this quote produced dozens of Skyrim memes.

An off-the-cuff comment made by guards in various holds, this quote become unintentionally funny due to how frequently players heard it. It's not the only funny or iconic line from Skyrim NPCs, but it's definitely the most well-known.

Mario - Assassin's Creed II

A since-deleted Reddit user submits this quote, leading to a discussion in the comments about which Mario they were referring to. This line is a known catchphrase of iconic Nintendo character Mario and is referenced to hilarious effect in Assassin's Creed II.

What makes this reference so funny is the fact that it appears in the midst of such a dark storyline. Lead character Ezio Auditore has just lost his entire family and is on the run from forces trying to finish the job. He's attacked and his estranged uncle, Mario, intervenes. They kill the assailants, and then Mario jovially introduces himself with a reference to a game initially intended for children. It's an unexpected and perfectly executed reference that still makes players laugh over a decade after the game's initial release.


Reddit user notbytgegov submits one of gaming's most famous one-liners. Initially appearing as writing on the wall throughout 2007's Portal, this line has been referenced and repeated in multiple games including Dragon Age: Origins and Assassin's Creed: Valhalla.

This line was originally a developer in-joke and subtle foreshadowing to the fact that the rewards promised by GLaDOS to motivate player-character Chell were in fact a lie. It took on a life of its own in internet culture, being used both to references literal cakes and to make a statement about the pursuit of a goal in the face of an empty promise. GLaDOS would later have something of a character transformation, becoming one of the most-beloved robotic companions in gaming.

Diablo - Diablo II

Reddit user Ourobius submitted this quote within a thread containing players' favorite Diablo quotes. This line is delivered by the title character and primary series antagonist, Diablo. It's a great example of a final-boss one-liner.

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While the true nature of the Burning Hells remains unclear in the Diablo franchise, it is clear that souls captured by Diablo or any of the other Great Evils have nothing to look forward to but torture. That's part of what makes this such a great one-liner: it's a threat that Diablo can deliver on.

Mordin - Mass Effect 3

Hundreds of Mass Effect fans flocked to Reddit user ricardoost's submission to cry about the arc and ultimate sacrifice of fan-favorite Salarian scientist Mordin Solus. Reddit user Ch3llick sums up the mood of the thread, saying, "There I go, crying over Mordin again. 10 years and I am still not over it."

Getting this line is dependent on certain choices players make throughout the Mass Effect trilogy, but most fans agree it's the best sequence of choices both for its moral weight and its impact. What makes this line so impactful is its context for Mordin, Shepard, and the Mass Effect universe as a whole. It succinctly captures the feelings of regret, peace, responsibility, and determination that underline a hero's sacrifice.

G-Man - Half-Life 2

Reddit user OverodrivO submits this quote from Half-Life 2. This line appears during the opening cutscene as the mysterious G-Man awakens protagonist Gordon Freeman from stasis. This line sets up the events of the game, as Gordon is thrown into a horrible situation that G-Man seems to think he's uniquely capable of solving.

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This line resonates with gamers as it's a succinct summary of the heroic arc of many video game protagonists. Often, a game's hero is, for whatever reason, so capable of dealing with the horrible situation they find themselves in that it's almost as if Fate intervened.

Benny - Fallout: New Vegas

Reddit user underprivlidged's pick received over 7,000 upvotes. It's easy to see why, as it's the final line of the iconic opening sequence of Fallout: New Vegas. Fallout is a popular series to begin with and many fans continue to hold up Fallout: New Vegas as the best of the bunch.

This line is so memorable because it's a succinct summary of some of the central themes of New Vegas as well as the themes of Fallout as a whole. This line is also the perfect tonal setup for the game and the Las Vegas setting. The line also inspired a popular meme format too.

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