10 Best Space Video Games To Play Before Starfield, According To Reddit 10 Best Space Video Games To Play Before Starfield, According To Reddit

The primary r/starfield Reddit feed contains many video game aficionados eager to discuss the upcoming role-playing space-based video game, Starfield. One Redditor, in particular, ScreenElucidator was specific about his theories of the game's features writing, "I expect SF to be that same gameplay loop," where "we'll chat with NPCs (non-playable characters) in their ship via Holochat. Maybe we can fight them at range, ship to ship, or aggressively dock and board in person."

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Little has been revealed about the next original saga from Bethesda Game Studios, known for series like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout, but that has motivated Redditors to revisit their favorite space adventures in anticipation.


Mass Effect: Legendary Edition (2021)

As Commander Shepard, a customizable male or female protagonist, the player travels the known galaxy getting into sticky situations while searching for proof that an ancient synthetic race, the Reapers, are about to unleash Armageddon. The trilogy functions as a third-person shooter but is heavily influenced by player decisions that bring about consequences in Mass Effect, like sudden character deaths or a progressive romance between certain characters as the saga unfolds.

Some Redditors, including SaturnFX, are happy to pass the time reintroducing themselves to one of the most beloved space gaming franchises in recent memory commenting that it's "nice to hang with Shepard and the gang for another bout with the Reapers." In addition, they fancied the "characters in Starfield that are as deep as the connections in Mass Effect 1-3."

The Outer Worlds (2019)

From the makers of the Fallout series comes a stunningly visual and interactive first-person role-playing epic set in a distant galaxy full of opportunity for a lonely traveler. The player discovers a handful of hub worlds where an intergalactic struggle between rival factions for control of the Halcyon colony has escalated. Whom they choose to align with in this conflict will determine how the story unfolds.

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Redditor bigbeak67 noticed that The Outer Worlds' construction seemed like Fallout: New Vegas, both games which share a common publisher, Obsidian Entertainment. They anticipate that it's "a smaller more fantastical version of what Starfield will end up being."

The Outer Wilds (2019)

Using an unnamed customizable character, the player can navigate an open-world solar system in search of clues as to why a planet is about to be wiped out by a supernova but is also caught in a time loop. Each cycle, the player must seek information that can help them change the trajectory of the story. The plot shares similarities with the premise of 2021's Deathloop. 10 Best Space Video Games To Play Before Starfield, According To Reddit

One Redditor, yaosio, complimented the game's mysterious yet rewarding nature because "you can go anywhere you want, and you'll learn something," and that "all the information is connected so you'll never find yourself at a dead end with no clues." Starfield supposedly dives into mankind's greatest mysteries as part of its lore.

Prey (2017)

Morgan Yu is the playable character of this survival horror video game mix of FPS and role-playing features from Arkane Studios, the creators of Dishonored. Yu is trapped on a space station in an alternate universe where an alien race known as the Typhon is housed aboard Talos I, an orbiting prison. With only a mysterious voice to guide him, Yu must activate the station's self-destruct system to prevent the aliens' escape to Earth.

Prey enthusiast JessieKaldwin loved many aspects of the game, including the "space walking and zero gravity environments" and praised the challenge of deducing "unique strategies one has to come up with to defeat enemies." It would make sense for Starfield to feature morality systems that positively or negatively affect the progression of the protagonist based on their actions.

No Man's Sky (2016)

With unprecedented freedom, players will find a gaming environment that constantly reinvents itself as they join fellow players on a quest to uncover the secrets that may lie in any direction on any planet, or any celestial body within sight. The pacing of the single or co-op adventure is determined by the explorer's instincts and style. If it were a musical playlist, this game puts the universe in shuffle mode where anything could happen.

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A very active Redditor, once_again_asking, found No Man's Sky quite enjoyable, stating that the "space flight and combat are very simple," despite being devoid of a main story, adding that "full of resource mining and crafting." Many AAA titles offer a wide variety of upgrades to weapons, vehicles, and clothing, and Starfield could continue that trend.

Astroneer (2016)

Taking place several hundred years in the future, this independent title offers a wide variety of locations with the goal of uncovering secrets of the cosmos. With a pre-determined set of planets and their satellites, each with their own unique characteristics, players will acquire tools so they might craft trinkets, in addition to an abundance of other collectables to assist their efforts to advance in the game.

Redditor Ollienachos enjoys "feeling vulnerable" when playing and "as though things could go sideways if you make a wrong step." If's there's one constant in recent RPGs it's the varying difficulty and Starfield could theoretically offer both novice and expert playing settings.

Alien: Isolation (2014)

Hoping to find answers regarding her mother's disappearance, Amanda Ripley, daughter of Ellen Ripley in 1979's Alien, finds herself trapped on a remote outpost with a single xenomorph that she must evade with few tools other than her mobile motion detector. The player of this first-person horror adventure must complete their mission objectives steathfully without encountering the menacing alien at an inopportune time.

Satisfied Redditor bluesformeister13 had the highest regard for the game's execution calling it a "super great and tense horror game" and admired the enemy alien's programmed AI as "insanely smart." They had high hopes for a sequel that never materialized. Assuming Starfield has an antagonist or something similar, an AI capable of challenging players militarily or intellectually would seem appropriate.

Elite Dangerous (2014)

This is a space simulator game that takes place in an open-ended Milky Way where the player's goal is to acquire the resources and notoriety to gain a good or bad reputation based on the activities they complete. The game is primarily multiplayer but does offer a single-player mode. Some events are random in nature, but acquainted players can partner together and even join each other's crews.

Redditor Capois_la_Mort feels that "if you take Elite Dangerous and add more life and color to factions, more of that wild element, and some twisted narrative, that would be great," in terms of constructing Starfield.

Dead Space (2008)

Isaac Clarke is an engineer assigned to ascertain the condition of the derelict USG Ishimura. On board, he finds the crew has been transformed into hideous creatures called Necromorphs. Clarke must navigate through the ship's bowels fighting off scores of enemies while investigating a connection between his employer and a movement called Unitology.

Redditor TomPalmer1979 described the experience of Dead Space as a "fantastic, scary game," that "builds tension, suspense, it keeps you on your toes, knows when to surprise you, and when to mess with your head," hinting that it achieves the right balance of story and scares. Since Starfield is rumored to be exploring the origins of humanity, it stands to reason some shocking revelations or actions might dominate the game's narrative.

System Shock 2 (1999)

In this cyberpunk adventure game from Bioshock creator Ken Levine, set aboard two merged space vessels, the player with no name, expert in one of three disciplines: hacking, weaponry, or supernatural abilities, battles the ship's crew converted to undead monsters at the behest of a sinister artificial intelligence codenamed SHODAN.

Redditor AdvanceAdditional110 felt immersed in the size and complexity of the Rickenbacker and Von Braun as compared to the Ishimura in Dead Space writing, "Only visiting two decks in SS2 makes the whole place feel so much bigger and gets your imagination going wondering what's happening on the other decks." While the aforementioned games feature confinement to a single playing environment and have linear narratives, Starfield might feature dozens of its own Von Brauns or Ishimuras to explore.

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