Apple's New And Cheap iPhone SE 3 Is Now Available To Order Apple's New And Cheap iPhone SE 3 Is Now Available To Order

The new and cheap iPhone SE 3 is now available to order starting at $429. This is the third-generation of Apple's SE line following the launch of the first model in 2016 and an updated version in 2020. Since launch, the iPhone SE has remained on the frontline of Apple’s campaign to switch Android users over by offering them a more budget friendly option.

During its 'Peek Performance' 2022 event, CEO Tim Cook revealed the tech company's latest products and innovations, with a new iPhone, iPad, Mac Studio, and 27-inch 5K Studio Display taking center stage on the day. In terms of the new iPhone SE, there are two main updates that separate it from the 2020 version. Apple added sub-6GHz 5G and fitted the small phone with the A15 Bionic chip, the same chip used in the iPhone 13 series.


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The iPhone SE 3 is now available to order directly from the Apple Store or through the usual various third-party iPhone retailers. However, the price has increased this time, with the new model starting at $429 compared to the $399 starting price of the iPhone SE 2020. Those looking for more storage can upgrade to 128 GB for $479, or to 256 GB for $579. In spite of the higher price, the phone is impressive when comparing cost versus capabilities. Buyers also have the option of choosing between red, white and black color options, while shipping of pre-orders is due to begin on March 18th, 2022.

iPhone SE Gains 5G And A15 Bionic

Without a doubt, the latest phone is the most advanced SE model ever released. Its size remains compact, packing a 4.7-inch HD display. Apple says the new chip extends the battery life of the phone, and compared to the second-generation model, iPhone SE 3 can deliver up to 1.2 times faster graphics performance. Apple also understands the importance of visuals for its users and updated the SE with advanced photography features as well, which was made possible thanks to the inclusion of the A15 Bionic. Smart HDR 4 automatically takes control of contrast, lighting and skin tone, while Deep Fusion will check for different exposures to get the one that best fits the details. The camera also comes with Photographic Styles, Portrait Mode, Portrait Lighting, low light scenes, slow motion, and time lapse effects, among other filters.

With 5G support, the new iPhone SE should deliver faster downloads, faster streaming, and faster gaming experiences. The bulky frame of the SE remains the same, designed for durability, and the inclusion of tough glass means the phone can withstand liquid spills and daily dust. Apple allows users to trade in their existing smartphone for credit, including the current iPhone SE, which can then be used to get a significant discount on the new model.

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