Ultimate MacBook Pro workspace: 3 docking accessories not to miss

Ultimate MacBook Pro workspace: 3 docking accessories not to miss

The aluminum-clad design of the HiRise laptop stand (US$66.75 on Amazon at the time of writing) from Twelve South is a premium solution for those fond of the sleek Apple-esque aesthetic. The stand features an adjustable piston mechanism capable of raising the laptop up to six inches high, which is handy for configuring dual-screen setups. The clever v-shaped design additionally optimizes performance by keeping your MacBook cool under heavy workloads, while a rubber tread secures your laptop without the need for clips, straps, or obtrusive cradle mechanisms.

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This elegantly simplistic wooden dock (US$120 from Grovemade) offers space-saving vertical laptop storage in Maple and Walnut finishes. Complimenting any minimalistic setup, the dock features a classy wool lining to protect your laptop from accidental scratches. Sticking to its earthy theme, the holder even features a base constructed from natural cork to prevent the accessory from scratching your desk.

Ultimate MacBook Pro workspace: 3 docking accessories not to miss

Effortlessly dock your MacBook Pro and connect it to an external display with the MacBook Pro Vertical Dock (currently US$169.99 on Amazon). This accessory features two Thunderbolt 3 ports packing 40 Gb/s data throughput into its slim form factor. The most satisfying aspect of this stand is its push-to-lock docking system, which eliminates any time consuming uncertainty surrounding proper port alignment. The color-matched Space Grey aluminum is a tasteful touch as well for any MacBook Pro users looking to coordinate their accessories.

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Buy the Brydge Vertical Docking Station (Two Thunderbolt 3 ports) on Amazon

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