Why Indians are Crazy about Playing Rummy Game

Why Indians are Crazy about Playing Rummy Game

Many of us have been in situations where we were taking a long and tedious trip and there was no one to interact with; or were bored out of our wits waiting at the airport to board a delayed flight. Thanks to smartphones, we don’t have to deal with boredom in such situations anymore. One of the most popular leisurely activities that people engage in on their smartphones is gaming. And among the myriad of mobile games available on the internet, playing rummy games have become the most preferred choice, especially among the Indian masses.

What is Rummy game?

If you are not familiar with rummy, it is a game of cards played by a group of people. In rummy, the players try to match their cards and try to form sets and sequences. If you are keen on learning rummy, you can easily do so via YouTube tutorials.

Why Indians are Crazy about Playing Rummy Game

Why is the Rummy game so popular?

Rummy games have a tremendous capacity to keep their users entertained for long periods of time. Playing rummy stimulates brain activity. It demands logical thinking, strategy, speed, etc. The wide-ranging love for rummy games is quite justifiable as this game tugs on all the right strings of the brain.

A mobile rummy game is usually played among a quartet or even groups of six players who are essentially strangers selected arbitrarily by the gaming application’s algorithm.

One of the reasons that make rummy one of the most popular mobile games available out there, on the internet is that it is a form of entertainment and you can also play rummy for money. Many find the lure of cash and engage in the extravagant act of playing irresistible. Although it can often turn into a self-destructive vice, playing for small amounts of money once in a while as a way to blow off steam can do no harm if played responsibly.

Indians have been playing the rummy game offline for a very long time with family and friends like a game of entertainment. Rummy is a skill game and it refreshes the mind. It requires strategy and skill to win a rummy game and this makes the game very interesting among the players.


Playing rummy requires skill. You need to apply strategic thinking, fast action, and even your math skills while playing rummy. Like chess, playing rummy is also a great exercise for the mind. The game should be played purely for entertainment and the players should play responsibly. The player must exercise caution while playing games like rummy.

Nonetheless, rummy is a widely loved game among people. And as we have seen till now, it is justifiably so. Rummy has been there since a long time ago. It is, in fact, a very old card game. Although we longer use physical cards like in the olden days, we are still enthralled by this dynamic game that tests our brain while keeping us entertained.

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