www.androidpolice.com Asus levels up ROG Phone 5 with Android 12 update

www.androidpolice.com Asus levels up ROG Phone 5 with Android 12 update

A powerful upgrade for gamers everywhere

The Asus ROG Phone 5 might've been an expensive proposition when it hit store shelves last year, but depending on who you ask, it was more than worth it. Not only did AP's own Matthew Sholtz call it the best gaming phone he'd used to date, but its I/O selection — a 3.5mm jack and two USB-C ports — made it feel like the true successor to legacy Samsung Note devices. If you've been missing out on the Android 12 update fun, your wait is finally over.

www.androidpolice.com Asus levels up ROG Phone 5 with Android 12 update

Asus is bringing the latest version of Android to both the ROG Phone 5 and its souped-up cousin, the ROG Phone 5s. The changelog is, as you'd imagine for a supersized update like this, absolutely massive. That said, there are a few key changes worth highlighting, including an all-new look for the ROG UI. Asus has adopted some of Android 12's general design elements, including the quick settings menu, notification tray, and more. The company had already adopted a stock look and feel with its "Classic" setting, and it's great to see that trend continuing for a light look and feel.


As with any major OS upgrade, there's a whole host of changes, improvements, and bug fixes to dig through here. Asus replaced its own Safeguard app with Android 12's Emergency SOS feature while also integrating current design trends into its one-handed mode. Not every change might be for the better, though. Controversial Android 12 changes, including the new power menu and the Internet toggle in quick settings, have made their way to ROG UI with this update.

You can check out the complete changelogs for both devices over at Asus's support forums, which also contain direct download links for the impatient among us. Otherwise, the OTA files are making their way out to users as we speak. Hopefully, it's enough to tie current owners over while they wait for any fresh leaks on the upcoming ROG Phone 6.

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