www.androidpolice.com Rocket League Sideswipe tips and tricks: The best techniques to get you started

www.androidpolice.com Rocket League Sideswipe tips and tricks: The best techniques to get you started

Fuel your wins and boost your gameplay

Rocket League Sideswipe is a pocket-sized version of Rocket League, and it's surprisingly good. A well-tuned sidescrolling version that's perfect for mobile play, bringing the popular competitive gameplay to our phones and tablets in bite-sized form.

Even if you're a veteran Rocket League player on console/PC, seeking precise mechanical control while finding new flashy ways to trick shot within Rocket League Sideswipe is still the high mark to hit, so you're still in for a ride with today's guide, as Rocket League Sideswipe delivers quite well on the complexity front while introducing fresh mechanics to keep you on your toes, which means there's a lot to dig into.


Moving up the ranked ladder is what every single competitive player aspires for, but attaining that linear progression to be on the top of the Leaderboard is no easy feat. Sometimes it only takes tweaking your setup or simply growing your library of skills.

Changing your settings and controls

Consider changing your setup to take your gaming to the next level. Let's go over a few options to convert your casual play into performant ranked play.

Sadly, the most comfortable and natural finger positioning isn't always optimal for touchscreen play. You've likely defaulted to the two thumb position while resting your phone in your hands. However, learning advanced techniques is more complicated than it needs to be while using a two-finger setup, such as doing flip resets and tapping boost while also jumping.

www.androidpolice.com Rocket League Sideswipe tips and tricks: The best techniques to get you started

Consequently, utilizing more fingers for individual buttons helps alleviate this issue. You quicken the response time and lessen any input downtime leading to greater actions-per-minute (APM), which you'll find carries your competitive experience far. Learning to use three fingers (often called claw style) is your best solution on a touchscreen.

Start by placing your right thumb and forefinger on jump and boost, and place your left thumb for your joystick for movement. We advise practicing your new finger positioning until it feels like second nature, and thankfully there is a solo training mode in the game, the perfect place to practice.

You can set a third optional button that lets your car simultaneously jump and boost when pressing it. It's not available as a default, so you'll have to enable it manually in the game's settings.

Lowering your graphics enhances your mobile device performance which helps maintain maximum FPS and battery life.

Mastering the Kickoff

Mastering the Kickoff is very important to retain control of the ball. Learning a few basic moves to throw your opponents off while learning to anticipate the same moves when they are used against you is the perfect place to start. We've gathered a list of some of the most popular Kickoffs high-ranked players are using.

Strategies and techniques

Becoming the most unpredictable player in your matches prevents your opponent from getting a good read on your moves. So be prepared to change it up - don't keep repeating the same Kickoff and general play.

Master and learn these shots to improve your gameplay.

Never forget that a gamer's rage can lead to poor decision-making during plays. Mute chat if it gets too annoying, or take a break if you feel too frustrated while playing ranked. Playing angry is a recipe for disaster.

Working on some of the more advanced mechanics can help open up shooting and control opportunities, a great way to succeed competitively in Rocket League Sideswipe. If you're ever in need of inspiration on where to start, check out our tips below.

Perseverance is a gamer's best asset

Remember, practice makes perfect. Learning many of the ins and outs of the game's mechanics by applying the suggested strategies above will take time. Plus, quality of life updates and new modes are constantly added to keep the game feeling exciting and fresh, so there are always new tricks to learn if you wish to stay on top of the meta.

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